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What is the wardrobe size standard

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-17
What is the wardrobe size standard? At present, the standard scales of various overall wardrobe manufacturers are quite different, but for wardrobes, the usual design dimensions conform to and follow certain rules, but they are different for each manufacturer. Tell you how to tailor your wardrobe. Wardrobe size reference diagram (1) The depth of the overall wardrobe is generally about 55-60 cm. If the space is not particularly tight, it is recommended to choose a depth of 60 cm. It is better to choose a depth of 60 cm, and the prices of 55 cm and 60 cm manufacturers are actually both It's the same, but the feeling of hanging your clothes is different. (2) The width of the side-opening cabinet door The width of the side-opening cabinet door is generally between 45-60 cm, and the width of the sliding cabinet door is between 60-80 cm. It is the best; the pressure bearing capacity of the hinge is not as good Rails, so for the casement door, the door panel should not be too wide or too heavy. (3) The height of the hanging coat is 140 cm. It has been proved by my own practice that the longest nightgown can be hung up to less than 140 cm. Long down jackets are generally 130 cm. After the suit is stored and bagged, it is 120 cm. NS. In the previous design version, it was said that the height should be between 140-160 cm. I think it is best to be just right, which is different from the storage space, so that it will not waste the space of the wardrobe and make full use of it. (4) The height of hanging clothes is between 85-95 cm. The height of the wardrobe is 90 cm. The space should be fully utilized. If you want to be a little looser, you can add up to 95 cm.
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