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What is the value of an iron knife that is as hard as an iron knife?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-09
Ironwood, nicknamed Thai mountain lentil, Siam acacia, Siam cassia, Bombay rosewood, Bombay ebony, railwood, Knife tree and Rudbeckia (Yunnan), etc., belongs to the leguminous haem subfamily Cassia For plants, the epithet siamea means 'Siamese'. It is said that the wood of this species is hard, and the iron knife cannot easily break the trunk, hence the name iron knife wood. Another said that this species is named because the wood is hard, as hard as an iron knife, and the wood is poisonous. There are three main values u200bu200bof iron sword wood, namely: strong ornamental value, green branches and leaves, low-maintenance garden trees, sidewalk trees, shade trees, and forest bath trees. Gardens, campuses, parks, amusement areas, temples, etc., are used for single planting, row planting, and group planting. Flowering can lure butterflies. Ironsword wood is evergreen all year round, has beautiful leaves and flowers, has a long flowering period, and has few pests and diseases. It can also be used as a street tree and a tree species for protection forests. Use value This species has a long history of cultivation in China. The wood is hard and dense, resistant to water and humidity, and is free from insects and oysters. It is a high-quality furniture raw material. The old tree is black with beautiful texture and can be used as decoration for musical instruments. Because of its rapid growth, strong budding power, flammable branches and strong firepower, it is cultivated in large quantities as firewood forests in Yunnan. It uses head-like operations to cut the trees. After cutting, the trees are as high as 3-4 meters, and they are generally cut every four years. [6] Ironsword wood is a diffuse porous wood, with straight grain, slightly thick structure, and medium to heavy material. The sapwood is yellow-white to white, and the heartwood is dark brown to purple-brown. It is black when exposed to the atmosphere. It is also called ebony. The heartwood is solid, corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, and durable. It is a good material for construction and making tools, furniture, musical instruments, etc. It is also a good firewood tree species because of its flammability, strong firepower, rapid growth, and strong budding power. The bark and pod contain tannin, which can be extracted from tannin extract. Lac insects can be stocked on the branches to produce lac. Shellac is a purple natural resin secreted by lac insects after absorbing the sap of parasitic trees. Shellac resin has strong adhesion, good gloss, stable to ultraviolet rays, good electrical insulation properties, both thermoplasticity and thermosetting, soluble in alcohol and alkali, oil and acid resistance, non-toxic and non-irritating to humans, and can be used as varnish and polishing agent , Adhesives, insulating materials and molding materials, etc., are widely used in national defense, electrical, coatings, rubber, plastics, medicine, leather, paper, printing, food and other industrial sectors. Related reading: The difference between ironwood and ironwood. The large garden has strong uses, green branches and leaves, and belongs to low-maintenance and excellent gardening trees, sidewalk trees, shade trees, and forest bathing trees. Gardens, campuses, parks, amusement areas, temples, etc., are used for single planting, row planting, and group planting. Flowering can lure butterflies. (Source: Timber Original title: What is the value of iron sword wood?)
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