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What is the top box cabinet and what are the production processes of the top box cabinet

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-01
The top box is a kind of late-blooming furniture. In the history of Chinese furniture, the top box cabinet was formed late, but it did not affect its position in Ming-style furniture. Once it was produced, it quickly became popular and became the top grade. The top box cabinet is large in shape and the materials used are very particular, which is one of the important factors of great value. The top box closet is a kind of furniture that is very 'hard-working'. How to make beautiful, tall and exquisite, many mahogany furniture companies are diligently seeking, and the key to judging the beauty and ugliness of the closet and the craftsmanship lies in the 'corner' of the cabinet. . Years of making and appreciating the 45° angle of the frame intersection line have shown that the craftsmanship of a set of top cabinets is good or bad. Don't look at the others first, just look at the corners of the cabinet frame and the door frame. If the two angles are both 45°, they must be in a straight line and look beautiful. This shows that the cabinet maker is very careful, and the cabinet quality will not be too bad. The 45° angle line refers to the cross bar at the top of the cabinet frame, the joint line connecting the tenon and tenon joints with the longitudinal legs and feet, and the joint line between the wiping head and the large side of the tenon joint of the cabinet door frame. First, it proves that the widths of the four bars of the frame displayed on the front are equal. If the angle between the intersection line and the horizontal bar is less than 45°, it means that the horizontal bar is narrow. Compared with the traditional process, there is a suspicion of reducing the material; on the contrary, if the angle is greater than 45°, it indicates that the legs and feet are thinner. The thick and tall beauty of the closet is difficult to express. Secondly, it can reflect the standardization of the process. Because the 45° angle bisects the frame of the vertical relationship, it is easy to identify whether the angle is accurate. At the same time, it reduces the randomness of mortising and sawing and avoids the inconsistency of the frame width. Thirdly, it also directly affects the aesthetics of the top cabinet. As for the relationship between the frame of the cabinet and the frame of the door, only when the angle is 45°, the tenon and tenon joint lines of the two can be aligned (otherwise there will be obvious fold lines at the corners of the cabinet). From the perspective of the texture of the frame, only the standard 45° angle can the vertical and horizontal textures transition naturally and continuously. Related reading: What are the process standards for cabinet furniture? There are two important links in the 90° angle wood planer between the side panels and door panels-straight and 90°. Only when each piece of wood is planed straight and flat can the edges and corners be the standard 90°, and the angle between the assembled door panels and the side panels can also be standard and beautiful. The seemingly tidy pieces may be too big or too small in the corners and corners. It is not easy to achieve the standard. The angle is not as accurate as a straight line. It can be measured with a meter ruler or tape measure, and it is difficult to distinguish subtle differences by visual inspection. For example, for the adjustment and calibration of the planer's backing ruler, only the backing ruler is perpendicular to the plane of the planing table, can it plan a flat surface and a vertical angle. Skilled workers can hardly meet standards. And every panel and every root must reach a straight line and an angle of 90°. The advantage of the edges and corners of each piece of wood being 90° is that the panels of the door and side panels are flat, which is an important factor affecting the beauty of the furniture. At the same time, the standard angle makes the load-bearing between the various parts uniform and balanced, and the furniture will not be distorted or deformed due to long-term uneven load-bearing. When assembling, the frame of the cabinet should not be swayed or tilted up and down, but should be aligned and flat. The key prerequisite for this is the flatness and angularity of the wood. In fact, the traditional method for the intersection line of the corners of the top box and the vertical cabinet is the standard 45° angle, and the angle between the side panel and the door panel is also the standard 90° angle. It is not difficult to achieve these standard angles in the process, but many craftsmen do not pay attention to these details when making them, which greatly reduces the aesthetics of the top cabinet. If these details are done very carefully, it will naturally make the angles produce a smooth texture and coordinated beauty. From this point of view, this small angle is indeed the key to testing woodworking craftsmanship, and it is also the key to improving current mahogany furniture manufacturers.
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