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What is the product structure of cabinet furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-27
The basic components of cabinet furniture include: panel, top (bottom), partition (movable and fixed), front frame, rear frame, side panel or side frame (including core frame, glass frame), door (glass frame) Doors, solid wood doors, curved wood doors), drawers (hollow out, solid surface, fiberboard), decorative strips (front and side), connecting wood (including triangular wood) dust-proof board, hardware. Door: Structure 1. From the appearance (material), it is divided into: solid wood door (glass door), panel door, curved wooden door. 2. Solid wood doors (glass doors) usually adopt a floating structure. That is: the solid wood frame is drawn in the groove, and the MDF (to be pasted) or solid wood board (to be lined around) or glass (white glass, bubble glass, colored glass) is inserted in the middle. 3. The solid wood frame is composed of upright columns (left and right) and horizontal scales (upper, middle and lower). The connection between the uprights and the horizontal scale adopts the method of male and female (combined knives), wooden dowel cloth, yellow glue, and straight nails. The dowel holes and male and female tongue grooves must have sufficient glue. 4. Panel doors usually use MDF boards, with PU seals on all sides or seals on all sides. 5. Both the front and back sides of the curved wooden door need to be anchored, and the arc must be consistent with the horizontal scale of the front frame. It can be directly cut to a fixed width and length or to be lined on the surrounding vertical axis after precise cutting. When sanding, seal PU and basecoat. Basic requirements 1. The closed edges of the doors should be molded or sanded to an appropriate angle to avoid friction and injury between the two doors when opening and closing, but the angle should not be too large, and the angle should be 0.5mm. 2. If the edge of the door is exposed with materials, it must be sealed with mooring sheet or PU or solid wood, and it must be sanded and smooth, and the color should be fake wood grain when painting, and the color must be consistent with the door. The mooring must be sealed. Glue tightly. 3. For exterior doors, the gap between the back of the door and the front frame should be tight, and the acceptable uniform gap is at most 1/16. 4. The edges of the two adjacent doors must be in a horizontal position. The error is not allowed to exceed plus or minus 1/32. 5. The retractable door must keep the gap between the frame and the frame uniform, and the gap should be controlled between 1/16-1/8. Note: The door and front frame must be square. 6. The door must be able to open and close tightly, either on the upper side or the lower side. 7. The gap between the two doors of the audio cabinet (TV cabinet) should not exceed 3/16 at most. Related reading: What are the basic components of cabinet furniture? 8. Pull-out doors must use baffles to avoid damage during normal use. The sliding rails and guide rails of the door must be in a straight line and can slide freely. 9. The edge of the embedded door core board must be colored, and the two ends must be fixed with nails to avoid shrinkage and loosening of the core board, which may cause loose glue and whiteness of the core board. 10. Cabinets with doors must be equipped with door seams. Cabinets with ceiling lights in wine cabinets, cupboards, etc., must have shading strips around the door. 11. The door seam strips are glued and nailed to fix, or countersunk hole lock screws are used, and the upper and lower ends of the door seam strips should be flush with the door or shorter than the length of the door. The maximum acceptance range is 1/16 each. 12. The loose-leaf screws must The installation is flat to avoid the cap head protruding and squeezing the door pillars and front pillars. And the screw head has no sharp pointed corners exposed. 13. The loose-leaf must be properly installed to prevent the loose-leaf from damaging the paint surface during use. The color of the loose-leaf must be coordinated with the color of the entire cabinet. The stained loose-leaf is not acceptable unless the design requires otherwise. 14. The loose leaf is not allowed to be bent or raised too much, so that the door cannot be kept in a line. It is not allowed to adjust the door by bending the loose leaf to keep the door flush. 15. The position of the loose-leaf shaft protruding outside the door is more or less uniform, and the loose-leaf shaft should be 1mm away from the door leaf to prevent the paint from being damaged during the rotation.
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