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What is the price of birch furniture? Birch wood furniture is mostly American

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-25
In the furniture industry, birch furniture is relatively durable, and there are many styles, because its texture is clear and straight, and the growth rings are also obvious, so it is liked by middle-aged and adults. Birch is produced in Northeast, North China and other places, and the wood of birch furniture is delicate and soft. Birch is often associated with exorcism, but in practical applications, its leaf juice is an excellent mouthwash for oral wounds. The roots and knots of birch have many patterns. The ancients used birch to make door cores and other decorations. Birch is elastic, easy to crack and warp when dry, and is not abrasion resistant. The processing performance is good, the cut surface is smooth, and the paint and gluing performance are good. Birch furniture ranks as an 'all-around player' in the solid wood family. how do I say this? Because the use of birch has penetrated into all aspects of human life: the trunk of the birch can be used to make all kinds of furniture, building materials, and household goods; the bark of the birch can be used to extract spices and make tar; the juice of the birch can be used to mix wine, pharmaceutical... …Birch is common in American furniture. Although birch was the darling of artisans in the Ming Dynasty, nowadays classical furniture is more responsible for collection and appreciation, and there are not many Ming and Qing furniture made of birch. There are not many stores specializing in birch furniture, but more concentrated in American-style, pastoral style brand stores, such as JSWB Rogers, Tianhebei Yihua Furniture, etc., you can find birch furniture. These western-style furniture are often expressed in old, antique or rustic white. In terms of price, birch furniture belongs to the middle grade, and the price of a bedroom suite is 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. Because the price of these woods is not cheap, there are also some 'economical and practical' furniture on the market that are 'mix and match' birch with other woods or boards. For example, the structure of a birch wardrobe may be the outer frame of birch and the interior of pine or fir; or simply the board is pasted with birch veneer. This combination can save a lot of cost. The water wave texture of birch wood and the breath of mountains and wildness. For the layman of solid wood furniture, the most apparent wood grain is an important factor in determining the purchase of furniture. Among the solid wood types, the texture of birch is often compared with oak. The fine wood grain is the common ground between the two. The difference is that the 'mountain pattern' of oak is more regular, with clear wave crests and layers of wood grains spreading out; the mountain pattern of birch is more 'wildThe number and shape are different, and the unique texture creates a visual effect like water waves, which has a unique flavor. For this reason, birch veneer has always been well-known in panel furniture. In terms of performance, birch wood has a harder structure and is delicate and flexible, and has good processing properties. It is often used for solid wood carvings. The disadvantage is that it is hygroscopic and easy to dry and crack and warp, but this is not a fatal injury to the humid southern weather. Birch wood furniture can be used to make perfumes and beer. Birch wood has a history of survival on the earth dating back to the ice age. As one of the trees formed after the glaciers receded, the hardy, fast-growing birch quickly multiplied in the northern hemisphere and became one of the wood species used in the early days of mankind. There are hundreds of species of birch all over the northern hemisphere. White birch, black birch, red birch, dwarf birch, paper birch, etc. are all outstanding 'elite' and are widely used in furniture production. For example, during the Ming Dynasty in my country, black birch was a kind of precious wood, produced in Northeast, North China and other places. This kind of wood, known as 'KuyuAccording to the 'Rules of YuanmingyuanPeople who love Chuyu even chanted 'Southern Red Sandalwood, North ChuyuIn addition to Ming Dynasty furniture, birch is also a common material in the history of European and North American furniture. However, the reputation of birch is not due to furniture, but thanks to the 'all-round' application of this wood in other fields. Early North American settlers and Indians wisely used the thin impermeable birch bark to build roofs, canoes and wooden shoes. Later, people used birch bark to dry distill the tar to make leather and soap. This kind of wood, which has analgesic and bactericidal effects, has also been used to prepare various foods and medicines. For example, the leaves of birch are used to make medicinal wine, and the leaves are used to make tea with diuretic effect. People even use the juice of birch to make beer. Birch contains a large amount of methyl salicylate (the main component of aspirin), which is used in Europe to make daily cleaning products such as hair care, lotion, and ointment. Due to the unique aroma and effect of birch, it has been widely used in perfumes in recent years, and it has been listed in the list of spice woods along with the precious agarwood and edible cinnamon. Related reading: How about cherry wood furniture? What is the difference between cherry wood and southwest birch? The advantages of birch furniture: 1. Easy to process, smooth cut surface, good paint and gluing performance, many shapes, suitable for many furniture purposes. 2. The bark is flexible and beautiful, which is why many people like birch. Disadvantages of birch furniture: First, the birch furniture fiber has poor shear resistance and is easy to 'stubble and break'. 2. It is not resistant to corrosion and wear. It is easy to crack and warp after drying, so pay attention to maintenance after buying it. 3. Birch is juicy and deformed when finished, so it is rare to see all tables and chairs made of birch, which will be flooded. other materials. Related reading: What to do if birch furniture cracks? How to maintain birch furniture?
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