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What is the new Chinese style? What are the characteristics?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-12
What is the new Chinese style? The new Chinese style was born in the new era of the revival of traditional Chinese culture. With the increase of national power and the gradual recovery of national consciousness, people began to sort out clues from the chaotic 'imitation' and 'copy'. At the beginning of exploring the local consciousness of the Chinese design industry, the gradually mature new generation of design teams and consumer market gave birth to a subtle and beautiful new Chinese style. In the current era when Chinese culture is popular all over the world, Chinese elements and modern materials are ingenious and soft. Ming and Qing furniture, window lattices, and fabric bedding reflect each other, reproducing the exquisite sketches of changing scenes. The characteristics of the new Chinese style: the new Chinese style pays attention to generality, symmetry, and the concept of yin and yang balance to reconcile the indoor ecology. Natural decorative materials are selected and the combination of the five elements of 'gold, wood, water, fire and earth' is used to create a Zen-style rational and tranquil environment. Decorative space: The new Chinese style pays attention to the sense of hierarchy of space. According to the number of residents and the degree of privacy in the residence, separate functional spaces need to be made, which are generally distinguished by 'dumb' or simplified 'bogu racks'; Where it is necessary to isolate the line of sight, Chinese-style screens or window lattices are used. Through this new separation method, the unit residences show the beauty of the levels of Chinese-style homes. Modeling: Space decoration mostly uses simple and tough straight lines. The use of linear decoration in the space not only reflects the living requirements of modern people who pursue a simple life, but also caters to the introverted and simple design style of Chinese furniture, making the 'new Chinese style' more practical and modern. Decoration color: New Chinese style furniture is mostly dark, and the wall color matching: one is based on the black, white, and gray of Suzhou gardens and residential houses in Beijing; the second is based on black, white and gray based on royal residences. The red, yellow, blue, green, etc. as partial colors. Decoration materials: silk, yarn, fabric, wallpaper, glass, antique tiles, marble, etc. Accessories furniture: New Chinese style furniture can be classical furniture, or a combination of modern furniture and classical furniture. Chinese classical furniture is represented by Ming and Qing furniture, and most of the new Chinese style furniture accessories are mainly Ming furniture with concise lines. Ornaments: Porcelain, pottery, Chinese window grilles, calligraphy and painting, cloth art, and Chinese classical objects with certain meanings. Four elements of new Chinese style: Chinese atmosphere, Chinese study, Chinese armchair, Buddha head Related reading: Several common maintenance methods for new Chinese furniture, Chinese decoration and decoration color matching 1. The basic principles of indoor color composition after mastering certain basic knowledge of color In order to complete the color design of the interior space, it is actually the composition of the interior color and the creation of colors. 1. The main tone The main tone refers to the overall basic tone, which reflects the character of the interior color, and is related to the nature of the interior space, such as the reading room of the library, or office space, or commercial business space, or entertainment venues, etc. There are different color requirements to match the nature of the space. Whether the overall indoor atmosphere is cold or warm, is it bright or mid-bright, is it orange, green, or blue formed by colors, etc. Different tones have an impact on work efficiency, people’s mood, and quality of life. , The beauty of the space has a great influence. The positioning of the main theme is related to the theme of the indoor performance and the users of the space. 2. Children’s room: It needs to be the same as a children’s entertainment center. The indoor color theme should give people a striking, strong and lively feeling. When the color is yellow, yellow is as brilliant and bright as the sun, showing the vitality of life like Van Gogh’s sunflowers and rape blossoms in spring. The infinite expansion of the power of yellow makes the room full of hope and vitality of life. This is similar to the children’s playroom. The nature of the space is appropriate and consistent with the hobbies and age of the space users. 3. The mahogany furniture of the characteristic hotel, such as the interior color of the hotel, is corresponding to black and white, expressing the simple, elegant, and quiet atmosphere of the Jiangnan folk house. It echoes the gorgeous red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain, giving people a unified, complete impression and deep Chinese architectural culture. Charm. This reflects the uniqueness of the hotel. In short, the choice of the interior keynote is the first step in the design. Especially for large-scale designs, the keynote should run through the overall architectural space, and then the contrast and change of local colors should be considered. Second, the unified coordination of colors After the main tone is determined, the layout and proportional distribution of colors should also be considered. Indoors often have background colors, dominant colors and accent colors. 1. The accent color is the embellishment color, such as decorative paintings, handicrafts and other furnishings. 2. The background color is the color of a large area, forming the main color of the room, occupying a large proportion; 3. The dominant color is the dominant furniture color in the room , As a coordinated color or contrast color with the main color. The choice and collocation of colors among the three are not static, and can be adjusted flexibly according to the user's work nature, hobbies, seasonal changes, fashion trends, and changes in furniture locations. Paying attention to color coordination and changes can make our home life better, and will not cause us troubles in life due to the incoordination of large tones. The colors of the Chinese decoration are perfect and unified.
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