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What is the history of metallic glass

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-05
Metallic glass is also called amorphous alloy. In the application of furniture materials, it not only has the advantages of metal and glass, but also overcomes their respective disadvantages. For example, glass is fragile and has no ductility. The strength of metallic glass is higher than that of steel, the hardness is higher than that of high-hard tool steel, and it has a certain degree of toughness and rigidity. Therefore, people praise metallic glass as the 'king of glass' that is 'unbreakable and unbreakable'. When most people think of glass, the concept of glass plate quickly pops into our minds. But under certain conditions, metal can also be made into glass. For example, this kind of glass can be used as an ideal material for power transformers and golf clubs. Port of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University researcher Todd C. Hufnagel is studying a method to produce super strong, elastic and magnetic metallic glass. Hufnagel hopes to understand that when metallic glass is formed, the metallurgical transition occurs when the molten metal cools into a solid. For scientists, glass is any material that can be cooled from a liquid to a solid without crystallization. Most metals crystallize as they cool, and the atoms are arranged in a regular pattern called a lattice. If crystallization does not occur and the atoms are still irregularly arranged, metallic glass is formed. Unlike glass plates, metallic glasses are opaque or not brittle. Their rare atomic structure gives them special mechanical and magnetic properties. Ordinary metals are easily deformed or bent due to defects in their crystal lattice, resulting in permanent loss of shape. In contrast, metallic glass is more likely to spring back to its original shape after being deformed. The lack of crystallinity makes the metallic glass of the original molten iron an effective magnetic material. Related reading: What should I do if glass furniture is scratched? How to clean glass furniture? The emergence of metallic glass can be traced back to the 1930s. Kramer first reported the preparation of metallic glass by vapor deposition. In 1950, metallurgists learned to mix in a certain amount of metal such as nickel and zirconium. Crystals were produced. In 1960, Klement and Duwez of the California Institute of Technology used quenching technology to prepare Au75Si25 metallic glass. When the thin layers of alloy cool at a rate of one hundred degrees Celsius per second, they form metallic glass. But because they require rapid cooling, they can only be made into very thin strips, wires or powder. Recently, scientists have mixed four to five elements with different sizes of atoms to form a variety of metallic glasses such as strips. Changing the size of the atom makes it mix to form glass and become tougher. One of the uses of these new alloys is to make golf club heads commercially.
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