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What is the general size of the TV cabinet

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-12
The general size of the TV cabinet should be determined according to the size of the TV. It is too short or too long to meet the aesthetic requirements. The TV cabinet is generally 2/3 longer than the size of the TV, and the height is generally between 400 and 600mm. If it is a bedroom TV cabinet, it varies according to the placement and actual height: 1. The height of the bedroom TV cabinet is generally around 40CM (simple style). 2. The height of the TV cabinet should meet the height of the main speakers of the home theater after the TV is placed on it; 3. In the living room, to ensure that you can see the TV while sitting on the sofa, the height of the TV cabinet should be selected at about 90 cm. 4. The height of the TV cabinet can also be made very low, and the smaller proportion of the size allows people to feel the comfort and transparency of the space. Generally the length is about 2.4 meters. If you buy it, there are many sizes. Mainly based on design. To account for the corresponding proportion in the video wall. The depth is within 450MM. Extended reading: How to choose the living room sofa, coffee table and TV cabinet. Recommended size: Length: 1.805m Width: 0.5m Height: 0.46m. Recommended living room TV cabinet size: Length: 2.4m Width: 0.5m Height: 0.46 m
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