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What is the essence of mahogany? What are the classifications of mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-28
Where did your initial impression of mahogany furniture come from? Is it the emperor’s dragon couch in the costume TV series, or the chair for Zhongnanhai to receive foreign friends? The exquisite carved armrests, the hollowed-out armchair backrest, and the introverted luxurious temperament are unforgettable. With the evolution of history, mahogany furniture has begun to enter the lives of ordinary people. People are willing to pursue a quality life with a more Chinese taste, but is the mahogany furniture you buy at a high price reliable? How much do you know about mahogany furniture? The mahogany furniture is divided into styles. The different mahogany furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties are quite refreshing in appearance, with clean lines and classic styles. They are roughly divided into Ming and Qing styles. Most Qing styles embody traditional carving craftsmanship, using landscapes, characters, and story lines as patterns, focusing on the layering of the picture; while Ming style furniture is known for its rich connotation and fine materials, and its shapes not only reflect the classical Chinese environment. It is also integrated with the modern living environment and is a sign of the user's taste and spiritual realm. Compared with Qing-style furniture, Ming-style furniture is more innovative, with simple and elegant lines, which is more suitable for the practicality of modern home furnishings. Related reading: Let's talk about the collection history of mahogany furniture. Five genera, eight types, and thirty-three tree species. Mahogany is also a big family. Is mahogany furniture made of mahogany? This is a misunderstanding of many people. There is no plant like mahogany in the world. Mahogany is only a collective term for five genera, eight types, and 33 tree species. Don't make jokes when buying furniture. Five genera refers to: Pterocarpus, Dalbergia, Persimmon, Yadou, and Ironwood; Eight categories refer to: Pterocarpus, rosewood, sweetwood, red rosewood, black acid Branch woods, ebony, striped ebony and wenge; 33 tree species refer to: sandalwood red sandalwood, Vietnamese red sandalwood, Andaman red sandalwood, hedgehog red sandalwood, Indian red sandalwood, big fruit red sandalwood, cystic red sandalwood, bird Red sandalwood, Dalbergia odorifera, Dalbergia black, Dalbergia black, Dalbergia broadleaf, Dalbergia Lushi, Dalbergia East Africa, Dalbergia Brazil, Dalbergia Amazon, Dalbergia Belize, Dalbergia Barry Dalbergia, Dalbergia vulgaris, Dalbergia cochinensis, Dalbergia velutipes, Dalbergia australis, Dalbergia australis, Dalbergia dimple, ebony, thick petaled ebony, Maoya ebony, Pengsai ebony, Sulawesi ebony, Philippine ebony, African cliff peas, white flower peas, iron sword. The mahogany is like jade, and the more you grow it, the more transparent mahogany furniture is interesting. Other furniture is used and older, and finally had to be replaced. However, the more beautiful mahogany furniture is used, its value will increase year by year with time. It is like jade, it is spiritual, and it has to be communicated and contacted with heart. If you do not use it, it will slowly decay, even the best wood, the more you use it, the brighter the luster and the unique charm. This is also the collection value of mahogany furniture. The best material in mahogany furniture is huanghuali wood, which was produced in Hainan in the past, but now there is no stock. Most of the domestic huanghuali wood comes from Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. The rain in these three places is relatively abundant. Compared with the previous Huanghuali wood in Hainan, the density is not so perfect. A huanghuali tree needs to grow for 300 years to become a material. Nowadays, huanghuali wood in Vietnam has sold 2.8 million a ton. After a ton of wood is selected, there are few furniture that can be made. I like it in the past two years. There are more and more Chinese-style decoration styles, and the market for mahogany furniture is getting bigger and bigger, so it is necessary to have a basic understanding of mahogany furniture.
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