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What is the difference between the American Furniture Fair and the Chinese Furniture Fair?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-25
The differences between American exhibitions and Chinese furniture exhibitions are as follows: 1. The American furniture market pays more attention to the permanence, continuity and follow-up services of independent stores and independent brands, looking for independent stores, transportation, delivery and Distributors and partners who work without time difference and have quick response capabilities are the goals of Chinese exhibitors. High Point Furniture Fair 2. The furniture content in the American Furniture Fair covers a wide range. In terms of design, different furniture styles can be found in the American market for a wide range of consumer classes, whether it is luxurious, simple, modern, or classic. Furniture and residential accessories in China still have ethnic characteristics, ultra-epochal, decadent, rough, and fine furniture and accessories can have a huge consumer group, and they are updated relatively quickly. 3. Some furniture exhibitions in the United States have different focuses. Some focus on kitchens and bathrooms, some focus on hardware and tools, and some focus on machinery and accessories. The furniture exhibition in Las Vegas focuses on home furnishings and consumption. , Such as upholstered furniture sofas, beds, functional chairs, dining room series, etc., almost all furniture in family places can be seen. In 2009, a special office series furniture exhibition area and sleeping exhibition area will be opened. In particular, decorative ornaments have a great market and potential, such as home handicrafts, cloth art, personalized tableware, decorative paintings, artificial flowers, vases, and so on. Las Vegas Furniture Fair 4. Furniture sales and circulation in the United States are divided into multiple links. Each link is accumulated and precipitated in the industry for many years. I want to easily avoid these trade links and directly make the end market. There are very few successful Chinese manufacturers. The various links are roughly: international importers and exporters, warehouses and logistics, American assembly plants, American wholesalers, shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores and furniture stores. The owner of the Las Vegas World Market Center is International Market Centers, L.P. (IMC). The company is the world's largest provider of high-end exhibition venues for the home furnishing, home furnishing and gift industries. IMC owns and manages 11.5 million square feet of exhibition space, equipped with world-class exhibition facilities, located in High Point, North Carolina and Las Vegas. The purpose of IMC is to build an innovative, sustainable, profitable and scale flexible exhibition platform for the home decoration, home decoration and gift industries. World Market Center In addition to the 'Las Vegas International Furniture Fair' held every six months, World Market Center is also responsible for holding other exhibitions-'Gift + Home' for gifts, decorations and seasonal industries. 'Exhibition, the 'Vegas Kids' exhibition presenting the latest trends in the field of youth furniture. In addition, the Las Vegas Design Center is open to consumers and interior designers throughout the year. Related reading: Design Queen Barbara Barry won the Design Icon Award at the 2014 Las Vegas Furniture Fair
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