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What is the difference between Southwest Birch and American Cherry?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-14
In the market, there is no error in solid wood materials. The problem is often the behavior of profiteers. Southwest birch has also become a scapegoat in the market. Because of its similar texture to cherry wood, the latter is faked. In fact, there is a big difference between the two. It is divided into the following: American cherry wood flooring is favored by consumers because of its fine wood, noble decorative effect and comfortable foot texture. However, cherry wood is a precious wood species. Under the trend of huge profits, many businesses use similar cherry wood The wood species is used to pretend to be pure American cherry, and the most pretended is Southwestern birch. In order to make the choice clear to customers, we compare the two to prevent consumers from being deceived by illegal merchants in the market. Southwest birch 1, Southwest birch and cherry wood family, different materials: the wood selected for cherry wood comes from American black cherry, belonging to the Rosaceae, Southwest birch generally comes from Mengzi birch, West birch, belonging to the birch family. The material of American black cherry is semi-porous to ring-shaped, while Southwestern birch is of diffuse-porous wood. 2. Southwest birch and cherry wood are different in color and pattern: The reason why Southwest birch can be used to impersonate cherry wood is because the two are easily confused in color and pattern, but the difference can be found by comparison. The color of American cherry heartwood ranges from brilliant red to brownish red, and the color becomes darker after sun exposure. On the contrary, its white wood is milky white; the color of Southwest birch varies from light red to dark red, with straighter texture and poor gloss. Cherry wood has a 'V' pattern and darker color, while Southwest birch has very few 'V' patterns. The American cherry wood grain route is full of tiny holes visible to the naked eye, and at the same time has fine and uniform straight grains, smooth texture, brown core spots and small gum sockets, while Southwest birch is completely absent. Cherry wood 3, Southwest birch and cherry wood have different origins: most of the black cherry trees used in cherry wood come from Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and New York in the eastern part of the United States. The natural climatic conditions here give birth to the best quality The cherry wood is of high quality and extremely precious. Southwestern birch is produced in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other regions of China. 4. The details of southwest birch and cherry wood are different: in addition to the above aspects that can distinguish pure cherry wood, there are some small details worthy of our attention. The cherry wood grain route is full of tiny holes visible to the naked eye, and it has fine and uniform straight lines. The texture is smooth. It is born with brown core spots and tiny gum nests, while Southwestern birch does not. Related reading: How to distinguish between cherry wood furniture and southwest birch furniture? What is the difference between cherry wood and southwest birch?
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