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What is the difference between oak furniture and rubber wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-20
Oak is widely distributed in large areas of the northern hemisphere. It has excellent wood. It is a common material for oak furniture and an ideal material for the production of plywood. Oak on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: red oak and white oak, with straight patterns and horizontal patterns. The difference between the ruled pattern is better, and the price is slightly more expensive. The average price of high-end imported oak is also high. Rubber wood is a tree that produces rubber. It is a subtropical tree species and is mostly distributed in southern my country and vast areas of Southeast Asia. The rubber tree will shed its sap every year after it grows up. This is the raw material we use rubber. After the rubber tree no longer produces rubber many years later, we use its wood to make furniture. This is the so-called rubber wood. Rubber wood is also widely used to make furniture. Rubber wood furniture generally uses Hainan or Southeast Asian rubber wood as the raw material. Rubber wood is used as wood after the rubber tree does not produce rubber and is cut down. The material is average. The difference between rubber wood furniture rubber wood and oak 1. The United States is a region where oak is produced, while China produces rubber wood. There are certain differences in the living environment of these two tree species. 2. The average price of oak will be higher than that of rubber wood. But the price of rubber wood furniture is not necessarily cheaper than that of oak furniture. 3. The oak texture is very hard and the hand feels heavy; while the rubber-wood floor is much softer and lighter in the hand. 4. Oak has a relatively obvious mountain-shaped tree pattern, and it feels very smooth and delicate to touch with the hand, which can not be imitated by rough rubber wood. Rubber wood and oak: Cut off a small piece of wood on the cross section of the two types of wood, and use a magnifying glass to see the texture of the cross section. If the tube hole is thick and loose, and the wood rays are in a net shape, it is rubber wood; The holes are small and the wood rays are very beautiful, some are tree-shaped, some are handprint-shaped, or oak. For consumers, simple identification methods can be used: oak wood is very hard and feels heavy, making it difficult to nail nails on it; rubber wood is relatively soft and lighter in touch. Rubber wood: Rubber wood is a plant that produces rubber latex. It is the backbone of the rubber tree, a subtropical tree species. After the rubber tree grows, tap the rubber every year. Use a knife to cut a semicircular incision on the trunk horizontally and slightly downwards. The juice that flows out is the raw rubber, which is the raw material for making rubber. Generally, when the tree is old after a few years, no rubber is produced or the output is very small, the backbone can be used to make furniture, and the material is very ordinary. Main features: 1. Rubber wood is light yellow-brown in color, with obvious annual rings, dark bands in the ring circles, and few tube holes. 2. Rubber wood is pine, the grain is oblique, the wood grain is not obvious, the wood grain is little by little; 3. The wood is hard, because of the residual glue, it is difficult to distinguish red oak and rubber wood from the hardness. . 4. Before processing into furniture, rubber wood must be stripped of rubber, otherwise the color will return to black after being made into furniture. 5. As rubber wood furniture is easy to cause skin allergies, it should not be used by people who are weak and allergic. 6. Rubber wood has a sour taste, because it contains a lot of sugar, it is not easy to remove, and it is easy to change color, decay and moth eaten. 7. It is not easy to dry, not wear-resistant, easy to crack, easy to bend and deform, easy to process wood, and easy to deform in plate processing. 8. Rubber wood grows in the tropics, and its growth period is relatively short. It is generally cut in 5-10 years. Its wood density is lower than that of oak, and its texture is relatively loose. Therefore, imported red oak is 6-8 times the price of rubber wood. 9. China is the world's largest producer of rubber, so rubber wood is very cheap. It used to not even burn wood. Now domestic rubber wood costs 1,000 yuan per cubic meter, and imported rubber wood is also about 1,600 yuan per cubic meter. Extended reading: Comparison of Fraxinus mandshurica and Oak Oak: Oak belongs to Quercus acutissima and belongs to the Beech family. The core of the tree is yellowish brown to reddish brown, with obvious growth rings, slightly wavy, heavy and hard. Oak furniture generally refers to furniture made of American oak. American oak has a harder material and beautiful patterns. It is a very high-end furniture material and has a high price, generally 4-5 times that of rubber wood. Oak furniture 1. It has a relatively distinct mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture; 2. The texture is solid, the finished product has a firm structure, and the service life is long; 2. The grade is high, suitable for making European-style furniture 2. Usually imported oak The board has been rigorously dried abroad and has good stability. Some manufacturers directly import logs from abroad, cut and dry them themselves. At present, the stability of oak furniture made by many professional oak furniture manufacturers in China is very high. However, due to the hard and heavy oak texture, it is difficult to remove water. Furniture made without water removal may begin to deform or shrink and crack after a year or a half. 3. The phenomenon of replacing oak with rubber wood is common in the market. 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