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What is the difference between a furniture truck and a conventional truck?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-16
With the continuous changes in market demand, various types of pallet truck equipment have been born. In the field of storage equipment, pallet trucks, low-level trucks, large-tonnage trucks, and electronic scale trucks have gradually appeared in the field of storage equipment according to market demand. , Extended trucks, scissor lift trucks, stainless steel trucks, oil drum trucks and other types of trucks, and now trucks have gradually extended from industrial needs to life needs, the best example is furniture manual Van. The emergence of furniture manual trucks has brought great convenience to the transportation of objects in the whole life, and also saved a lot of manpower. The furniture moving vehicle is mainly used for moving and moving furniture such as tables, cabinets, safes, turnover boxes, and moving cupboards in life. This equipment is suitable for large and heavy furniture, and can be operated by one person and is safe. The difference between manual furniture pallet trucks and conventional manual pallet trucks is related to reading: How to dispose of ordinary pallet trucks after moving waste and second-hand furniture, while most pallet trucks are used in industrial places such as factories and workshops to carry pallet goods. The carrying weight is also larger than the carrying weight used in life, the quality is higher, and the frequency of use is also high. Furniture trucks are still immature in the current development, market demand is strong, and gradually sold to the market, there is huge room for development in the future, while factory trucks are already very mature, the market demand is gradually saturated, and the price is gradually falling. With the rise of electric pallet trucks, the development of manual pallet trucks in the future will be challenged by development! Comparison of manual furniture pallet trucks and ordinary pallet trucks. Furniture pallet trucks are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, manual operation, and small in size. The factory truck is also energy-saving, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, low-noise, and manual operation. The overall size is larger. The furniture truck is simple, light in weight, simple in structure, simple in operation and convenient to use. The factory manual pallet truck is also simple to operate and easy to use, but it is heavier. Related reading: [Practical] What should I pay attention to when moving a new house?
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