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What is the bird's foot red sandalwood? What is the good thing about the bird's foot red sandalwood?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-29
Bird-footed rosewood, commonly known as Laos rosewood and Southeast Asian rosewood, belongs to the genus Pterocarpus in the Papilionaceae family. It is mainly produced in the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The scent of bird's foot red sandalwood can be regarded as the strongest among rosewood. If the cabinet is made of bird's foot red sandalwood, then when the door of the cabinet is opened, there will be a strong scent. At the same time, the bird's foot pterocarpus also has a certain health care effect, which can relieve the state of extreme fatigue, depression and restlessness, invigorating and refreshing. According to reports, Pterocarpus pterocarpus belongs to the five genera and eight categories of rosewood. Pterocarpus pterocarpus is called Pterocarpus Pterocarpus because of the beautiful pattern on the surface of the wood, which resembles bird's feet, hence the name. Pterocarpus japonicus wood diffuse porous wood, semi-annular porous wood tends to be obvious; growth rings are quite obvious; the difference between the heartwood and sapwood is obvious, the heartwood is reddish brown to purple reddish brown, with dark and light stripes and intricate textures, the sapwood is light yellow and white; sandalwood fluorescence The phenomenon is most prominent in rosewood. Related reading: How to repair small defects in mahogany furniture. Therefore, to identify the genuine bird's foot red sandalwood shipped at a fair price, we must first start from the heartwood of the bird's foot red sandalwood, and carefully identify its color and stripes; secondly, look at the specific gravity. The bird's foot red sandalwood is in rosewood. The one with the largest specific gravity has a delicate and smooth feel; the 'ghost face pattern' left on the live knot of the third bird's foot red sandalwood is very similar to the ghost face of Hainan Huanghuali. Due to its high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, and smooth cut surface, red sandalwood is a common material for classical furniture in the mahogany market, and it is a good material for dark and precious hardwoods for mahogany furniture. The craft furniture made by bird's foot red sandalwood is simple and elegant, with bright patterns and strong scent. It has the effects of calming, sterilizing and relieving itching. It also makes the trading of bird's foot red sandalwood in the mahogany furniture market increasingly hot, and it is very popular among redwood lovers and collectors. Favorite.
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