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What is solid wood furniture What is log furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-12
The solid wood furniture that ordinary people understand is actually all solid wood furniture, which refers to furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood panels for all wooden parts (except mirror pallets and layering). This is a narrow concept of solid wood furniture. After the official implementation of GB/T3324-2008 'General Technical Requirements for Wooden Furniture' formulated on May 1, 2009, the Solid wood veneer furniture has a specific definition. The solid wood furniture specified in the standard is the furniture whose base material is made of solid wood sawn timber and solid wood board, and the surface is not covered. Solid wood veneer furniture is made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood boards as the base material, and solid wood veneer or veneer (wood veneer) is covered on the surface. Therefore, if you want to say what solid wood furniture is, you can answer it like this: it is made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood board, and the surface is painted and blown, or solid wood veneer or veneer is used on this substrate ( Veneer) furniture that is painted after veneer. Among them, solid wood panels refer to solid wood materials formed by secondary processing of wood such as spliced u200bu200btimber and laminated timber. According to the proportion and technology of solid wood, it is divided into solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture (all belong to solid wood furniture). But it should be reminded that there is a so-called 'solid wood particle board' on the market, and this kind of board has nothing to do with solid wood and should be a kind of wood-based board. Solid wood veneer furniture is made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood boards as the base material, and solid wood veneer or veneer (wood veneer) is covered on the surface. Let's talk about what is log furniture, it refers to the use of natural trees as raw materials, the production and design structure of the simple, strong and durable furniture. The surface processing and protection of the workpiece are also relatively simple, such as varnishing, waxing protection, etc., and strive to maintain the inherent texture of the original wood or reflect the true texture of the wood after being cut vertically and horizontally, reflect the original appearance of the wood, and express the return to the original. Natural meaning, so it is called log furniture. According to the different materials used, log furniture can be divided into elm log furniture, camphor log furniture, and Kemu log furniture. Although this classification is too reluctant, it is also the most basic classification. We can also divide log furniture into high-end log furniture and medium- and low-grade log furniture according to the rarity and precious grade of the wood. For example, log furniture made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, etc. are relatively high-end log furniture. There is also a classification, log furniture can be divided into pure log furniture and modern log furniture. Pure log furniture generally does not use modern metal and non-metal accessories such as nail hinges, but only uses superb splicing and carving and other furniture techniques to produce, trying to express the most primitive and simple wood state, expressing the admiration of nature and return. Pu Guizhen's life philosophy. The log furniture made by ancient carpenters is generally pure log furniture. The modern log furniture is made with splicing and carving techniques as the main processing technology, assisting the processing of modern metal and non-metal accessories.
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