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What is environmentally friendly and healthy furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-12
The living environment of human beings is gradually deteriorating, and modern people pay more attention to environmental protection and health than before. Green food and green homes have received widespread attention. Of course, people want to buy furniture that is environmentally friendly and healthy. So what kind of furniture meets this requirement? 1. The furniture should be made of natural materials. The choice of materials that do not produce harmful substances is the biggest factor in determining whether the furniture is healthy or not. Healthy products must be made of environmentally friendly wood. The formaldehyde content of the products is strictly controlled below the national testing standards and does not produce Pungent smell. The paint should be lead-free, non-toxic and non-irritating paint, in line with international green standards. For example, for brands on the market, Han Lizhai has done a very detailed selection of furniture materials. Hanli accessories are made of all pine wood that meets the highest international environmental protection standard grade E1 as the base material, and the introduction of Korean technology, German Halma professional production line and other scientific and technological processes, and all the holes in the cabinet body are sealed with covers to ensure The best airtightness of the cabinet prevents chemical pollution harmful to the human body such as formaldehyde, benzene, and radon. Second, the furniture should form an overall style. Whether the color used does not hurt the eyesight and whether the style of home furnishing can have a great impact on the mood of the occupants, the overall unified style can make the people living in it feel like spring breeze and feel comfortable. On the contrary, no matter how high-end products are used, the chaotic home style can not bring people a happy mood. At the same time, a healthy home also has high requirements for color, because color has a certain guiding effect on people's psychology, especially the psychological growth of children. Therefore, you should carefully choose the color of the home decoration. If there are some bright colors that are visually stimulating, they cannot appear as the main color of the home decoration. 3. The furniture design should conform to ergonomics. A truly healthy furniture should be as considerate and comprehensive as a servant. This not only requires the height of the furniture table and chair to conform to the scale of the human body, but also requires it to highlight the functionality in the details. Careful consideration. Fourth, the furniture must have a high level of safety to protect the health of the family. Families with children usually pay more attention to the safety of the furniture, such as not leaving sharp corners on the furniture, and concealing electrical devices such as sockets. In fact, the safety of furniture should arouse the attention of all families, because it is not only related to the health of the family, but also related to consumer disputes. High-safety furniture should pay attention to some detailed designs, such as the closeness of the closet door and the depth of the interior, the load-bearing capacity of tables and chairs, etc. Only by paying attention to details can you truly achieve a satisfactory life. The development of science and economy has put forward higher requirements for life and provided more convenience. Only by choosing healthy furniture and creating the best living environment can we create a high-quality life.
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