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What is Caohuali

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-20
I believe that many people who like mahogany furniture have heard of 'Caohuali'. But is 'caohuali' rosewood in the five genera and eight categories of mahogany? It has been verified that the name Caohuali contains two meanings, and the material of Caohuali is different. The first kind, Caohuali is the current name on the market. In fact, this is a deliberate practice of confuse the audiovisual, many manufacturers in order to make some non-mahogany wood with mahogany wood, the name of some non-mahogany wood as much as possible to rely on the name of mahogany, in order to improve its 'taste'. At present, the wood called Caohuali in the market mainly refers to some woods in the sub-rosewood of the genus Pterocarpus. Commonly used are African Pterocarpus and Angolan Pterocarpus. African red sandalwood is a kind of wood commonly known as Indian safflower in the market. In addition, there is also a kind of Sapphire of the genus Sapphire, commonly known as Brazilian rosewood in the market, and this kind of wood is also called Caohuali in the market. Although these materials are very similar in appearance to mahogany, their density does not meet the requirements of the national standard 'Redwood'. Extended reading: The difference between rosewood and huanghuali. The second way of saying that 'caohuali' refers to the five genera and eight categories of rosewood in the national standard of 'Redwood'. It is almost cut off from the wood of Huanghuali (Dalbergia odorifera in the national standard). As a supplement, it appeared in the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China. The reason why it is called 'Caohuali' is to distinguish it from 'Yellow Huali'. Compared with 'Huanghuali Extended reading: Are African rosewood and African yellow pear the same kind of wood? Therefore, the term 'caohuali' is spread by merchants to confuse consumers and confuse the market. After the promulgation of the new national standard, manufacturers are required to make standardized labels in strict accordance with the national standard. However, it is inevitable that manufacturers with mixed eyes will remind consumers that when buying furniture, they must first ask what kind of material they are, and when signing the contract, be sure to write the standard name of the wood in the material column.
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