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What is atomized glass? What are the decorative functions of atomized glass?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-03
Atomized glass is also called dimming glass, electronically controlled glass, intelligent dimming color changing glass, electric curtains, and color changing glass. It is a kind of intelligent high-end functional glass. The dimming glass is controlled by voltage in the scattering (transparent and opaque) state and transmission The change between (transparent) states, this change has achieved the dual requirements of glass permeability and privacy protection. With this feature, dimming glass is widely used in high-end offices, computer rooms, medical institutions, commercial exhibitions and other fields. The characteristics of atomized glass Atomized glass is a special glass for architectural decoration, and intelligent dimming glass is an inevitable product of the in-depth development of electronic technology and glass technology. Adopting the principle of international invention patent technology, attaching new liquid crystal materials to basic materials such as glass and film, and using circuit and control technology to make dimming glass products. The product can control the color depth of the glass and adjust the intensity of sunlight entering the room by controlling the current change, so that the indoor light is soft, comfortable and pleasant, without losing the role of light transmission. Related reading: What is glass furniture Introduction to glass furniture is fuzzy when the power is cut off, clear when the power is on, the response speed from fuzzy to thorough and clear can reach the level of one thousandth of a second according to needs. This product is used on building doors and windows. It not only has the function of freely transforming the light transmittance, but also takes up very little space on the building doors and windows, eliminating the need for curtains and space. The finished window glass is equivalent to electricity. The curtains of the control device are as free and convenient. In addition, this product can also be used in hotels, villas, high-end office buildings, offices, bathroom doors and windows, spray rooms, kitchen doors and windows, glass curtain walls, greenhouses, etc. in the architectural decoration industry. This product has a good lighting function. It has the function of shielding the sight line, and has a certain energy-saving and colorful and gorgeous decoration effect. It is a real high-tech product that ordinary transparent glass or colored glass can't match, and it has infinite broad application prospects.
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