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What is an armchair? What are the classifications of armchairs

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-12
Armchair is a general term for back chairs with armrests. Except for armchairs and top chairs, the rest are called armchairs. The styles and decorations can be simple or complex. They are often combined with a coffee table. Four chairs and two tables are placed on both sides of the bright room of the hall for symmetrical display. Armchairs are mainly divided into: modern armchairs, travel armchairs, Qing rosewood armchairs. The modern armchair is an outstanding example of the application of ergonomic design in the seat part. Its concept is to fit the human spine and automatically change its composition according to the different sitting postures of the human body to provide more comfortable support. The seat and the back are completely independent, so it can be adapted to the needs of the user without manual adjustment: if the body is straight, the chair presents a comfortable vertical position; if the sitting person leans forward to write, the seat automatically tilts down 6u0026ordm;; people When you are relaxing, the seat will slide forward, and the back of the chair will tilt back. Push it again, and its inclination can be increased by 12u0026ordm;, making the sitting posture more relaxed. The travel armchair can be folded and contracted, and it is compact and easy to carry. The overall design is based on engineering mechanics, and the force on each point is even. The bracket design makes full use of the triangular stability principle to make the whole stable without shaking. The red sandalwood armchair of the Qing Dynasty was created by the emperor instructing the office to incorporate Western features into the furniture during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. The Old Summer Palace in Beijing was built during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. The Western-style building in the Old Summer Palace was designed by the Italian missionary Castiglione and others and guided the construction of the craftsmen. Castiglione was sent to China by the church in 1714 and was appreciated by Emperor Qianlong, who ordered him to build a European-style garden building in the Old Summer Palace, which is now the Western Mansion. Since then, European style has become popular in the palace, and this popularity is also reflected in the production of furniture. In traditional Chinese culture, the biggest feature of furniture is that it takes straight lines as its beauty. The backrests and armrests appear in straight lines and at right angles. European Rococo decorations are just the opposite, to show the beauty of curves, except for the common passionflower. According to the emperor’s instructions, the craftsmen at the manufacturing office gradually integrated Western features into the furniture, increasing the artistic appeal and making it unique. This pair of Qing Dynasty red sandalwood and passionflower armchairs with typical European Renaissance rococo style is made by the craftsmen of the Qing Dynasty Office using the classic European passionflower pattern as the main decorative pattern, using precious red sandalwood as raw materials. The whole body is carved with open-cut grass on the inner side of the chair back and armrests. The continuous curling has an obvious Rococo style, which makes this pair of armchairs add a lot of new ideas to the traditional furniture, which is particularly novel and unique. This chair not only has the calm atmosphere of Chinese red sandalwood furniture, but also has the gorgeous and colorful appearance of Western style. It is the best work of combining Chinese and Western styles. Related Reading: It's easy to change, the chair is always there
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