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What is a health chair? Is the material of the health chair durable?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-12
The health chair is successfully developed on the basis of an ordinary (ergonomic) computer chair. First of all, it has the function of an ordinary (ergonomic) computer chair. Many office workers sit in front of the computer all day, and long-term inactivity makes them often feel backache and neck pain. Then, the health chair is the furniture they can consider. Below, I will introduce you to the structure of the health chair. The main structure of the health chair products: 1. Iron pipe: The raw material is a thick pipe imported from Taiwan (above 1.2mm), and its main mechanical properties, tensile strength, elongation (horizontal), and elongation (vertical) have all passed ISO9001 Certified, and the bending angle is 180 degrees. 2. Rubber webbing: The raw material is refined imported pure rubber, which is a special material for the safety belt of airplane parachuting. After being woven with nylon rope, it has been softened. So sitting feeling is comfortable, breathable, not stuffy, safe and healthy; durable and never collapse; and it can promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue; let you relax in busy work, and work more smoothly and pleasantly. ① Its elastic performance: elongation rate is 400%, recovery rate is 100%, the rubber strip of each chair bears a weight of 200KG, and the life time of the rubber strip is more than 6-8 years without deterioration and looseness. Resistance to cold and heat: -40℃>+60℃, the surface is easy to clean. ②Types of rubber ropes: rubber ropes include round strips, small flat strips, and wide strips. The surface is woven with nylon or textile materials (there are 120 small rubber round strips inside). 3. Pneumatic rod: can withstand 150KG pressure, passed ISO test, passed US BFMA5.1 certification, SGS certification. Health chair 4. Chassis components: After 120,000 times of backward pressure and forward and backward tilt tests. 5. Positioning buckle: All nylon material is used and has undergone cold and heat resistance treatment and has the flexibility to bend at 90 degrees. Developed through years of experimentation. (Other health chair manufacturers use a combination of artificial (PVC) polyvinyl chloride plastic and fiber, which is easy to break in cold weather). 6. Screws: Hardened by cold and heat, and treated with capacitance. Other health chair manufacturers use baking varnish treatment. The baking varnish treatment does not protect the paint surface well, and it is easy to scratch after being used once. 7. Nylon plus PU feet: Using this process will minimize the damage to the floor, and can withstand the 1200KG test. Some health chair manufacturers only use nylon feet. Related reading: How to choose and match chairs
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