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What grades of leather and how to maintain it

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-11
Benzene dyed leather: The dye (hand dyed) penetrates through the surface of the leather to the inside, and the surface is not covered with any paint, so the air permeability is extremely (preferably about 100%). Generally, cows with good breeding environment have better skin quality and higher price of original leather, which is suitable for making benzene dyed leather. This material is usually used for high-end sofas. Maintenance method: Generally, it is recommended to use a special maintenance agent for benzene dyed leather to keep the pores from clogging. Semi-benzene dyed leather: When the original leather surface is not ideal, it needs to be dyed, and then a little paint is used to modify the surface defects to increase the utilization rate of the leather, and the air permeability is about 80%. Some cows whose breeding environment is not good have poor skin quality, and the raw leather is cheaper. Most of them are made into semi-benzene dyed leather and milled leather, etc., as intermediate sofa materials. Maintenance method: Generally, it is recommended to use a special maintenance group for benzene dyed leather to keep the pores from clogging. Pearl leather through the heart: the pores on the surface of the skin are faintly visible, with good air permeability, good elasticity, and soft touch. Because it is made of the first layer of cowhide, it is necessary to select cowhide without insect spots and scars before making it. Generally used on high-end sofas, general furniture stores will not provide this kind of cowhide for color selection, and the asking price is expensive. Saddle leather: There are roughly two types of high-end methods, and the manufacturer does not make synthetic leather of the same color, so each set of high-end saddle leather is sold at a price of more than 150,000. Saddle leather itself is also cowhide, but because it is used on the saddle bridge of horseback, it is called saddle leather. The skin layer has been oil-stained so that the surface is more glossy, and because of the special manufacturing process, the life of the saddle leather itself is longer than that of ordinary cowhide. Maintenance method: Use the special maintenance group for saddle leather, which can increase the oil content of the leather surface and make it more durable. A kind of saddle leather that is made into affordable saddle leather in response to consumers’ yearning for saddle leather. It is usually made of secondary leather (insect spots, leather from injured cows) that is destroyed by the country where the cowhide is produced, and is hardened and brightened. Synthetic leather of the same color is available, so it can be made into a semi-cowhide sofa. The durability is not as good as the high-end saddle leather, and the wear resistance coefficient is worse than that of the general dye leather, but the surface dye adhesion is relatively poor. The dye will be separated from the cowhide when wiping it with a wet cloth. Maintenance method: The maintenance of this kind of saddle leather can only be wiped with dry sponge, and it is not allowed to use general cowhide maintenance agents. It is necessary to use saddle leather special maintenance agents. In this way, the maintenance service life can reach more than three years. Erlang skin: Take the remaining dermal tissue of the epidermis, which has poor air permeability, hard touch and no elasticity. Maintenance method: It is recommended to use the general leather maintenance group, as well as the maintenance oil for car seats. Coated leather: Due to the poor quality of the original skin and many insect spots, the use of multi-paint coloring to cover up its shortcomings to increase the use rate of pigeons, the air permeability is about 50%! Maintenance method: It is recommended to use a general leather care agent, as well as the maintenance oil for car seats. Artificial leather: The types are about latex leather, breathable leather, nano leather, imitation cowhide and so on. Although there is a level distinction, none of them have the inherent characteristics of genuine leather. Most of them focus on the improvement of heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Full cowhide: All the leather of the sofa is made of cowhide, and there will be no color difference in the color of the sofa leather. But the price is much more expensive than that of half cowhide. Semi-cowhide: sofa cushions, back cushions, armrests, headrests, etc. Generally, the leather that comes into contact with sitting on the sofa is made of cowhide, and the rest is replaced by artificial leather. The cost of leather manufacturing is much lower than that of full cowhide. However, there are slight differences in the color of sofa leather, and the color difference will become more obvious with time.
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