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What factors determine the amount of formaldehyde released?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-13
When buying furniture, especially furniture such as sofas and beds, health and environmental protection are very important considerations. The formaldehyde in furniture is extremely harmful to the human body, so what factors affect the release of formaldehyde? Come and learn with you. The diffusion path is worth emphasizing that the edge banding of panel furniture is very important. A good edge banding can effectively prevent the diffusion of formaldehyde, thereby permanently enclosing toxic substances, just like 'the demon gas under the Leifeng Pagoda'. Use environment The use environment such as temperature, humidity and ventilation will affect the emission of formaldehyde. Under normal climatic conditions, an increase of 8°C in temperature will double the concentration of formaldehyde in the air; an increase of 12% in humidity will increase the amount of formaldehyde released by about 15%. Therefore, under conditions, air conditioning and fresh air system devices can be used to adjust the indoor temperature, humidity and fresh air volume, so that formaldehyde emission can be appropriately controlled. The ageing time and ageing conditions The formaldehyde emission concentration of furniture is proportional to the ageing time after production. Therefore, it is recommended that you store the newly purchased furniture for a period of time before using it, and place it in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment to accelerate the formaldehyde. Distribute to reduce pollution in future use. Load rate The so-called load rate refers to the ratio of the surface area of u200bu200bindoor furniture exposed to the air to the indoor volume. The greater the loading rate, the higher the formaldehyde concentration. Therefore, when the functions are basically satisfied, the number of pieces of furniture in the indoor space should be reduced as much as possible, so as to reduce the emission of formaldehyde in the furniture. The way of decoration is that the way of decoration on the surface of the furniture has an obvious sealing effect on formaldehyde. In the specific implementation process, attention should be paid to the selection of low-formaldehyde release adhesives, various decorative materials and coatings, and reasonable processes to ensure that no new formaldehyde release is triggered after decoration.
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