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What do you mean by 'one tree in a row'?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-27
People who have a little research on redwood furniture are generally familiar with 'Yimu LiandouOne wooden continuous making is a traditional craft used in classical furniture. Some pieces of furniture are made of a piece of wood on the legs, waistbands, and teeth boards. Using a piece of wood to make furniture can make the lines smoother, the structure more reasonable, and stronger. Of course, this is a very expensive process. For example, in order to retain the floral ornaments on the legs of some furniture, all the rest of the wood has to be dug out. In the production process, because it is a piece of wood, it is not easy to use machinery in many places and can only be done by hand, so this process is also very labor-intensive. Since mahogany is a scarce product, from the perspective of increasing income and reducing expenditure, one piece of wood is generally used in the production of tables, chairs, and several types of furniture. The main parts of large pieces of furniture, such as top cabinets, large suite sofas, large paintings, and Luohan beds, are generally not made of one piece of wood. Related reading: Redwood is valuable? Please be careful when buying. Although the furniture made by Yimulian is costly and laborious, the furniture made by Yimulian is relatively expensive, but the furniture made by Yimulian has advantages that cannot be replaced by other crafts: first, it is strong. Structurally, it strengthens the firmness of the furniture and increases safety. Make the furniture stronger. The ones that are nailed up with wooden nails and connected to a piece of wood, of course, are made of one piece of wood to be stronger. For example, if the uprights of the furniture legs and the carved decorations of the uprights are not made of a piece of wood, the uprights and the flower accessories are processed separately, and then the flower accessories are nailed to the legs with wooden nails. The combination of the furniture legs and the flower decorations made by this method sometimes creates gaps. When the floor wiper is scratched into the seams when wiping the floor, accidents may occur and the flower decorations may be easily damaged. If this table leg is not made of one piece of wood, it will be easy to loosen after using for a long time. Second, it is beautiful. If it is not made of one piece of wood, the legs and flower matching are made of two pieces of wood, and then joined together, no matter how carefully selected, the texture and color difference of the two pieces of material will always be there; while the furniture made of one piece of wood will be This problem does not exist anymore, it looks more beautiful, and the overall beauty of the furniture can be better expressed, especially in terms of color, texture, etc., it is impeccable and integrated. When buying furniture, how to identify the furniture made by one wooden joint? It is not difficult to identify the furniture that adopts one wooden joint workmanship. Consumers can observe and identify from the following aspects: 1. Look at the flower matching. Look at whether there is a gap between the parts of the furniture and the flower arrangement. The parts and flower decorations made of one piece of wood are a whole, and there must be gaps when they are made separately. Second, look at the wood grain. The wood grain of the part made by one piece of wood is continuous, and the texture curve is complete. Third, look at the color of the material. The color of the furniture made by Yimu Lian is uniform and there is no color difference. Yimulian manufacturing technology is limited to tables, chairs, and a few types of furniture. It does not apply to all mahogany furniture. Consumers cannot completely use Yimulian manufacturing technology as a standard to judge the pros and cons of all mahogany furniture. Supplement: Due to the waste of the 'one wood in a row' practice, mahogany, as a scarce resource, has become rare. Some wood species have even reached the level of 'inch wood and gold'. Therefore, clever craftsmen use their own wisdom and cleverly use craftsmanship to save materials and make the furniture achieve the effect of 'one wood in a row'. For example, when making chair legs, two short materials are selected, and their joints are cleverly made into tenon and tenon joints. As long as the tenon and tenon joints are well done, the stability is no less than the effect of using the whole material. When installing, if the tenon and tenon joint is handled properly, it will not affect the visual effect of the furniture. This approach integrates firmness, rationality, and aesthetics, and is economical and practical. Therefore, consumers do not have to worry. In this way, when we buy furniture in the market, we don’t have to emphasize whether it is made of one piece of wood. We just need to see whether the joints of the furniture components are tight, whether the selection of the two materials is reasonable, and there is no obvious contrast. You can buy mahogany furniture.
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