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What do the English number symbols on the wood stand for?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-30
Everyone saw that in the wood before it was made into furniture, many of the wood’s cross-sections were written with symbols of different colors and fonts, such as English, numbers, or '√' signs, and they were written on the cross-sections of these woods. The time of the text varies. Some are written shortly after logging, some are written when the timber is exported, and some are written when the buyer purchases the timber after the timber is imported. Buyers often don't know what they mean, and merchants are often reluctant to talk or talk nonsense. Now, let’s take a look at what these marks represent. In fact, the logo itself does not have much special meaning, mainly to serve as a mark, but being familiar with these logos does help to determine the material and source of the wood. The writing time is different, the meaning and the role played are also different. For example: the number written after felling usually represents the first batch of felling, and the number written when exporting usually represents the code number. The number on the wood is generally the same as the export. The numbers on the code sheets filled in at the time are the same; after the import, the buyer writes on the wood because it is because of the import of multiple types of wood or multiple batches of wood, and they are worried about confusion. The English, numbers, or '√' signs marked on the wood. In fact, these English, numbers or '√' signs are all signs on imported wood. They play an important role in timber logging, import, and logistics and transportation. , To understand the signs on the wood, sometimes it helps us to identify the wood. It is said that some experienced wood dealers know what kind of wood they are, and even know where or which company the wood comes from, as soon as they look at the signs on the wood. Further reading: In general, the structure of mahogany, the English on the timber cross-section is usually the code name of the timber cutting company, such as 'R' usually indicates that it was cut by Arrow Company; the number generally represents the first batch of cut, or it means The number of roots; there are small numbers next to some big numbers, which often represent the cutting group; if the three numbers are multiplied, it usually indicates the length, width and height of the wood, which is conducive to calculating the wood Volume; the different colors of the marks often indicate different tree species. If the labels on the same pile of wood are obviously different, it usually indicates that the pile of wood comes from different batches or different places, and it is often selected by the buyer deliberately. Therefore, it is not easy to identify wood through signs. It is difficult to identify it unless you have been exposed to all kinds of wood for many years and dealt with wood dealers. Although the label does help to identify the source and material of the wood, it should be noted that not all wood can be identified by the label, and not all wood has a label. In addition, some wood cross-sections have multiple logos with different colors and different fonts, which may be in English, numbers, etc., which usually indicate that the wood has been marked by people in multiple links such as production and circulation. Often they are also different.
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