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What are the types of red rosewood furniture and what is the price difference?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-26
In the 'Redwood National StandardWhy a set of ten-piece red rosewood sofas are sold for only tens of thousands of yuan, and some for more than 200,000 yuan? It has its own reason: there is no cheapness in the world. They are all red rosewood, but the price difference is double or even several times. It is difficult to distinguish the three. If surface treatment techniques such as coloring are added, laymen will not see the difference. As far as the national appraisal agency is concerned, currently only the species is identified, that is, the red rosewood species, and other in-depth appraisals are generally not done. If you buy a set of furniture, you have to go for an appraisal, and you have to go to court if you have a problem, it is really too much trouble. At present, the red rosewood mahogany furniture on the market, when sold, most of the materials are labeled 'red rosewoodThis is not the case. The common red rosewood in the market often includes 3 species according to scientific names: Dalbergia kozhi, Dalbergia barri, Dalbergia australis, all of which are produced in Southeast Asia, and are currently classified as red rosewood from the national redwood standard 'Redwood' , In fact, their prices are very different. Dalbergia cochinensis is the traditional meaning of 'old red wood' and 'red rosewoodCochin Dalbergia is mainly produced in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam has a certain amount. However, the rosewood in Thailand and Cambodia has been very scarce due to excessive logging. At present, most of the rosewood in Laos is the old red rosewood in the true sense. The price of wood is 80,000-120,000 yuan/ton or even higher. Dalbergia Bali is mainly produced in Cambodia, Laos and other places. The mahogany industry has the name of 'purple rosewood'. In addition, Dalbergia barri produced in Laos is also called 'flowering stick' in China. Dalbergia australis is the Burmese red rosewood and most of the Vietnamese red rosewood. Some people call it 'flowering rosewoodThe above two materials are also called 'new mahogany' and 'new red rosewood' because they have only been gradually used in modern times. Compared with Dalbergia cochinensis, it has a lower density and a lighter color. The price of the above-mentioned wood is about 20,000 yuan/ton. What's more, the current red rosewood furniture in Guangxi (imported from Vietnam), in addition to choosing cheap materials, cutting corners is also surprising: generally the workmanship is relatively rough, using simple falcon structure, and many Vietnamese products are After being processed and dried, it is easy to deform. Basically, it depends on the secondary processing (good face work) and continuous maintenance in the later period to solve the problem. What's more, these foreigners who don't understand Chinese culture simply omit the tenon-and-mortise structure and use a lot of nails and glue, which makes the price extremely low. What's more, pour cement into the cracks of the furniture to lure consumers into buying for the purpose of heavy weight. But most consumers don't understand, they just pay attention to price. These goods not only tarnished Chinese traditional culture and deceived consumers, but also caused bad goods to drive out good goods, good companies closed down, and bad companies survived. Extended reading: Questions and Answers on the Purchase of Red Rosewood Furniture At present, this situation is intensifying. Many regular businesses are forced to buy this type of furniture. This short-sighted behavior, first of all, infringes consumers, and ultimately will seriously affect the development of the mahogany furniture industry.
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