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What are the standard sizes of furniture such as tables, chairs and sofas?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-26
The size of the space directly affects the size of the furniture, and for the same reason, the size of the furniture determines the area of u200bu200bthe required space. If it is branded furniture, its size is generally unchangeable, because the essence of its design lies in its coordinated proportions. For a set of Italian-designed furniture, its length-to-width ratio and overall ratio are very elegant. Changing any size may cause scale imbalance. Therefore, when purchasing branded furniture, it is necessary to be optimistic about the combination of it and the home space in advance, so as to achieve the harmony and unity of the individual and the whole. The reasonable ratio of furniture to space is a key to the coordination of the whole room. If the size of the furniture is too small, the entire room will appear empty and lacking in vitality. If the size of the furniture is too large, it will appear overcrowded, making people feel bored. Whether it is a table, a bed, or a simple bookshelf, its height ratio is carefully designed by the designer. Whether it is suitable for placement at home depends on whether its ratio is in harmony with the ratio of the entire living room. . We often encounter this kind of thing when we buy furniture, that is, we want to ask the manufacturer to change the size of the furniture according to the area of u200bu200bour own room. Generally, manufacturers can change the size of the furniture according to the requirements of customers. As everyone knows, these changes often change. The optimal ratio of furniture will make the furniture look uncomfortable. Therefore, before changing your favorite furniture without authorization, it is best to ask a professional furniture designer to determine a reasonable proportion of the furniture, so as not to waste your efforts. So, in addition to the size of custom-made furniture that can generally be changed slightly, in general, what is the appropriate size of the furniture? We should also pay attention to the standard size. Sofa size: single-seat sofa, the front width of the seat cannot be less than 480mm. If the seat is too deep, the calves will not sag naturally, and the calves will be oppressed, but if it is too shallow, you will feel unable to sit still. The height of the seat surface should be 360 u200bu200bto 420mm. Table and chair furniture size: four specifications for tables, 760mm, 740mm, 720mm, 700mm; the seat height of stool furniture stipulates three standards: 400mm, 420mm, 440mm; when tables and chairs are used together, the height difference between tables and chairs should be controlled In the range of 280 to 320mm. Cabinet furniture size: the height of the bookcase should not be less than 297mm, and the width should not be less than 210mm. When buying or making a wardrobe at home, the distance from the upper edge of the clothes rail to the top of the cabinet is 40 to 60mm. The distance from the lower edge of the clothes rail to the bottom of the cabinet should not be less than 1350mm for hanging coats and 850mm for short coats. The depth of the wardrobe mainly considers the person's shoulder width, which should not be less than 500mm. Related reading: English detailed explanation of foreign mattress sizes and types
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