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What are the requirements for making antique furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-02
The production of antique furniture has always been to meet people's needs with the content of practical beauty and artistic beauty. The Chinese are an artistic nation in daily life. Some precious and high-end furniture have been developed and preserved during the evolution of China's long history. The making of antique furniture has always been a kind of traditional culture specially created by traditional craftsmen 'oral and personal teachingThe content conception of antique furniture production is a kind of thinking category of imitation. Generally include the content of the shape; the truth-seeking content of the technology; the application of the theme of traditional culture and art. The shape of the furniture mainly refers to the types of furniture in various periods, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and benches. Its shape and size are generally imitated as furniture from the Ming or Qing dynasties. The imitation of furniture is a kind of manual industry tradition formed in history. The production of furniture craftsmanship is the same as when people started to learn painting. Most beginners copy and imitate. Until the furniture craftsmanship is fully mastered, it is an industry-standard production that combines emotion and craftsmanship. Furniture technology mainly refers to the application of a whole set of processing technology for woodworking. There is a general imitation of the basic craft; after the craft is fully mastered, it is a kind of rational and unique self-articulation. The truth-seeking in technology here refers to the differences in the characteristics of apprenticeship and the differences in local popular customs. As a craftsman with technical characteristics, the truth-seeking and imitation of technology is just to seek the strengths of others and make up for the weaknesses of oneself. Extended reading: The cultural status of classical furniture. The imitation of traditional cultural and artistic themes mainly refers to the preparation of folk auspicious patterns in various periods, and the decoration of linear and molding in various periods. The imitation of this kind of theme started with embellishment and decoration with the theme of artistic beauty, with little consideration of structure and norms. Once the craftsmanship reaches maturity, the furniture structure and plastic arts will gradually improve, gradually improve, and gradually develop.
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