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What are the materials of panel furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-24
Panel furniture is a combination of disassembly and assembly furniture produced by veneer with artificial board as the main base material. Artificial boards mainly include medium fiber (medium density fiberboard), triamine board (ie, melamine board, environmental protection board), particle board (ie particle board, bagasse board), plywood (commonly known as plywood), etc. 1. Medium-density fiberboard has the highest cost performance. It is a more versatile high-quality furniture board, which is generally used for medium and high-end panel furniture. MDF is an artificial board with wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, adding resin and other adhesives, and pressing after high temperature and high pressure, with a density of 0.50-0.88G/cubic centimeter. Features: The wood is even and thin, the bending strength is high, and it is easy to process, especially suitable for curved and special-shaped designs. It avoids defects such as boils and bug eyes, has small expansion and contraction, does not warp or crack, has a smooth surface and is easy to stick thin wood, has no processing defects, strong bonding force, and strong nail-holding ability. 2. Triamine board (ie, melamine board, environmental protection board) A decorative board with MDF or particle board pasted with melamine paper on the surface through high temperature and high pressure. Features: Water resistance, heat resistance and abrasion resistance, high finish, stable performance, rich colors and beautiful appearance. The surface is made of plastic film, and no chemical gas volatilizes. 3. Particle board (ie particle board, bagasse board) is made by using various mechanical shavings or some wood chips through dry mixing and hot pressing. Features: loose material, light weight, strong nail-holding power, good moisture and water resistance, easier to control the amount of formaldehyde emission, not easy to deform, etc., suitable for flat furniture. Its disadvantage is that the particles are large, and it is not suitable for painting, carving, blister and other processes and thin plates. Under the condition of quality assurance, there is no difference between particleboard and medium density. 4. Plywood (commonly known as plywood) is made by softening the logs and then rotating them into veneers, then drying and gluing, staggered and overlapping according to the wood texture, and pressurized by a hot press. Features: good sound absorption performance, strong adaptability to temperature difference, in different temperature areas, the shape of the sheet does not change much, and it is not easy to deform. Rough surface, strong adhesion, good effect of sticking veneer. It is lighter than MDF, has stronger pressure capacity, and has poor water swellability. But the nail holding force is weak. Facing materials Common facing materials for panel furniture include natural wood veneer (commonly known as veneer), wood-grained paper (commonly known as paper), PVC rubber sheet, fireproof board, lacquer, etc. 1. Natural veneer (veneer) is usually used for middle and high-end furniture. The common veneer colors range from light to dark, including cherry wood, maple wood, white beech, red beech, ash, white oak, red oak, teak, Huanghuali, Honghuali, walnut, white shadow wood, red shadow wood, red sandalwood, black sandalwood, etc. High-end panel furniture generally adopts a large area of u200bu200bnatural veneer, solid wood edge sealing, and small pieces of solid wood. Pasting natural veneer is not only natural and beautiful, but also has excellent performance, and the veneer has a certain thickness (O.3-0.6mm), which has a good protective effect on the home. 2. Synthetic veneer (technical veneer) uses natural wood veneers as raw materials, layered by layers of different colors of raw veneers, glued by resin high pressure to form a wooden square, and then sliced u200bu200bfrom the section to form a strip of new veneers with different colors and different wood species . (After finishing, bleaching and dyeing, viscose hot pressing, specification sawing wood and other links and procedures), all natural characteristics of wood such as heat insulation, insulation, temperature regulation and humidity regulation are retained. The texture pattern is regular. Advantages: The surface is wear-resistant, high hardness, not easy to peel, uniform color, smooth surface, more resistant to environmental factors, and stable veneer. 3. Wood grain paper (paper skin) The printing paper fiber is beaten into pulp to make paper skin, and the required wood grain and flower decorations are printed by computer. Mass production, the wood grain printing is repeated monotonous, the color is the same, and there is no three-dimensional effect. 4. Plastic veneer or PVC rubber sheet. This kind of veneer is a petrochemical product. The surface is printed with wood grain and flower decoration by a special printing machine, and the back is prepared with glue, which must be glued by hot-pressing precision instruments. 5. The board-type executive desk fire board is made of kraft paper, phenol resin, titanium dioxide coated paper, and melamine paper. It is mostly used for panel furniture, cabinets, etc. Features: wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, high hardness, with wood grain, plain surface, stone grain or other floral decorations.
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