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What are the main accessories of the overall wardrobe

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-02
The overall wardrobe that can be customized has a variety of styles and strong practicability, and has been favored by more and more consumers. What are the main accessories for the overall wardrobe? 1. The pulleys of the pulley wardrobe are divided into upper and lower wheels. The upper wheel is a door guard wheel, whose function is to make the door slide smoothly when pushed in parallel. The next wheel is divided into hidden wheels, which are made of pure nylon for load-bearing. The semicircle rolls gradually through the center of gravity of the wheel, so the horizontal line is horizontal when pushing and pulling. The load-bearing capacity can reach 200 kg, the wear resistance is high, and the push-pull life can reach more than 300,000 times. 2. Frame materials At present, the frame materials of all wardrobe furniture brands on the market mainly include aluminum alloy, aluminum-titanium alloy, magnesium-titanium alloy and high-quality color steel. Generally speaking, magnesium-titanium alloy and aluminum-titanium alloy have high strength and durability. The solid quality can ensure that the cabinet door is up to 2, 8 meters without deformation and smooth sliding. The carbon steel frame is light and thin, and the appearance is treated by spray painting and mechanical sticking, and the paint will be peeled off or oxidized for a long time. 3. The traditional drawer cabinets with pull-out panels are all made of wood, while the latest drawer cabinets are made of glass, which makes it easier to take clothes. But if the customer is a lazy person, don't try the glass pull plate, it will undoubtedly expose its shortcomings. Stacked woolen clothes are cumbersome to put together to find. If you use a pull plate, the stacked clothes can be organized, but it also has the disadvantage of less storage space, so customers should choose carefully. Extended reading: The overall wardrobe should be selected and designed before decoration. 4. The rotating clothes hanger realizes the re-hanging storage of a large amount of clothes. The amount of clothes hanging is three times that of the traditional wardrobe, and each piece is kept flat and not wrinkled. The whole cabinet can be turned at will, even the clothes hanging in the innermost can be immediately presented to the front. 5. Tie box Every successful man will have multiple ties. It is none other than tie boxes to line up these ties. This kind of tie box occupies less space than a drawer, and you can arrange the position of the tie box at will. Your socks, shorts, silk scarves and other small things have their homes. 6. The trousers rack stacked on the trousers rack will have creases, but the trousers rack can keep the trousers without creases. It requires no less than 600mm of hanging space. Therefore, the trousers rack is usually placed under the drawer, which is more effective. save space.
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