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What are the high-end furniture in China?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-17
In recent years, as new high-end apartments, villas and other real estate have entered the market, especially the number of the affluent class continues to increase, the high-end furniture industry has also entered a stage of rapid development. Comprehensive information shows that China's high-end furniture market is entering the market. In the new stage of brand building and competition, at the same time, more and more mid- and high-end stores have opened up high-end furniture areas, and the proportion of high-end furniture has gradually increased. So what are the high-end furnishings in China? We believe that in China's furniture industry at this stage, many companies claim that their furniture is high-end furniture, but in fact there are too many 'pseudo high-end furniture'. We have summarized several standards that should be met as high-end furniture. Consumers can place companies in their seats and know them well. 1. Companies producing high-end furniture must have sufficient brand credibility. Furniture produced by any brand can not be called high-end furniture. Enterprises that can produce high-end furniture must have a certain development history and sufficient brand credibility to have the ability and capital to produce such furniture. Otherwise, they will only It can be regarded as 'pseudo high-end furniture'. Take the current Chinese high-end furniture leader Dixin Furniture as an example. It has been 33 years since its establishment, and it has experienced countless ups and downs before it has its current status. Its furniture cannot be called the beginning. 'High-endRelated reading: Dixon pursues high quality only to make you love your home more Dixon high-end furniture 2. High-end furniture requires quality assurance. As high-end furniture, you can't just have high prices and high quality. To ensure the quality of high-end furniture, enterprises need to check at all levels. Take Dixon as an example. Dixon Furniture is most talked about by the fact that there is one quality inspector for every 8 employees under it. The quality inspector is responsible for the audit of every process from raw materials to lacquering. If there is a defect in a program, the product must be deducted. This is the rule of Dixin Furniture's quality assurance. It is believed that only under such 'strict prevention of blockage' can high-end furniture with the best quality be produced. 3. The design of high-end furniture must be innovative. Many consumers choose high-end furniture not only for brand and quality, but also for product design. Design is the soul of furniture. Only furniture with unique and fashionable design is furniture with vitality. At present, most of the furniture on the market does not have its own characteristics, and the design is nothing more than patchwork. Strictly speaking, 70% of the furniture is 'four different' furniture, without its own distinctive characteristics, and the style is chaotic. Therefore, as a high-end Furniture must ensure the innovation and originality of product design.
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