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What are the elements of furniture? What are the structure and function of furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-15
Furniture is composed of four factors: material, structure, appearance, form and function. Among them, function is the guide and the driving force for the development of furniture; structure is the backbone and the basis for realizing functions. These four factors are interrelated and restrict each other. Because furniture is designed and made to meet people's certain material needs and use purposes, furniture also has factors in terms of function and appearance. The following describes the main content of these four elements and the relationship between them. Structural structure refers to a certain combination and connection between materials and components used in furniture. It is a structural system based on certain use functions. It includes the internal structure and external structure of furniture. The internal structure refers to a certain combination of furniture components, which depends on the change of materials and the development of science and technology. For example, metal furniture, plastic furniture, rattan furniture, wood furniture, etc. have their own structural characteristics. In addition, the external structure of the furniture is in direct contact with the user, which is a direct reflection of the appearance, so the scale, proportion and shape must be adapted to the user. For example, a chair with the correct seat height, depth, and back angle can relieve people's fatigue; while storage furniture should be compatible with the scale of the stored items on the premise that it is convenient for users to access items. The external structure designed according to this requirement also lays the foundation for the aesthetic requirements of furniture. Appearance form The appearance form of furniture is directly displayed in front of the user, it is an intuitive expression of function and structure. The appearance of the furniture depends on its structure, especially the external structure. However, there is no corresponding relationship between appearance form and structure, and different appearance forms can be represented by the same structure. There is a greater degree of freedom in the appearance form, and the combination of space is quite selective. For example, the basic structure of the dressing table is the same, but the appearance form is varied. As the external performance of the function, the appearance of the furniture also has the function of cognition. Therefore, it has the information transmission and symbolic meaning; it can also exert its aesthetic function, thereby generating a certain emotional atmosphere, forming a certain artistic effect, and giving people a beautiful enjoyment. . Related reading: What are the elements of furniture? What are the functions of furniture materials? Function Any piece of furniture is designed and made for a certain functional purpose. Therefore, function constitutes the central link of furniture, is the forerunner and the driving force for the development of furniture. When designing furniture, we should first analyze the design objects from a functional point of view to determine the material structure and appearance form. Generally speaking, the functions of furniture products can be divided into four aspects, namely, technical function, economic function, use function and aesthetic function.
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