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What are the common materials for wooden furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-30
There are also many solid woods and veneers used in modern wooden furniture. The common ones on the Guangdong market are as follows: 1. Black walnut, the highest quality kind of walnut wood, is mainly produced in North America and Europe. The domestic walnut is lighter in color. The black walnut is light dark brown with purple, and the string section has a beautiful large parabolic pattern (big mountain pattern). Black walnut is very expensive, wood veneer is usually used to make furniture, and solid wood is rarely used. 2. Cherry, imported cherry wood is mainly produced in Europe and North America. The wood is light yellow-brown, with elegant texture, and the string section has a medium parabolic pattern with small circles in the middle. Cherry wood is also high-grade wood, and veneer is usually used to make furniture, and solid wood is rarely used. 3. Beech wood, the beech wood here refers to beech, which is different from the beech wood of the 'South Beech and North Elm' in traditional Chinese furniture. The beech wood is bright and light yellow in color, with dense 'pins' (wood rays), and the peeling has a mountain pattern. European imported beech has fewer defects and is much better than domestically produced beech. Imported beech wood belongs to middle and high-grade wood in China, and veneer is commonly used, and solid wood is also used as dining chairs and small squares. Related reading: What are the solid wood furniture brands? What tree species does solid wood furniture have? 4. Maple, maple is light yellow in color, with small hills, and the biggest feature is 'shadow' (obvious local luster). Maple is a mid-range wood, and veneer and solid wood are common. 5. The birch is light yellow in color, and is easily distinguished by multiple 'water lines' (black lines). Birch is also a mid-range wood, and both solid wood and veneer are common. 6. Rubber wood, the original color is light yellow-brown, there are messy small rays, the material is light and soft, and it is a low-grade solid wood material. Businesses often call it 'oakReal oak is more expensive. The European white oak has an elegant texture, and the North American red oak has a large mountain pattern. Both are hard and heavy. The appearance, structure, and material are not comparable to rubber wood. Others, such as pine, fir, oak, etc., are relatively low-grade furniture materials.
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