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What are the classifications of sandalwood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-18
Speaking of sandalwood trees, people naturally think of 'The Book of Songs·Weifeng·Fadtan': 'The sack of sandalwood is cut and the river is dry, and the water is clear and rippled.' The rough meaning is that when Ding Dang Dong cut down the sandalwood tree and put it on the dry bank of the river, the river water was undulating and undulating. According to the researcher of the Book of Songs, this is a poem by a lumberjack, aimed at exposing the ugly behavior of slave owners and aristocrats who are cruelly exploiting the working people for nothing. In addition, the purpose of sandalwood is to make vehicles. The opening sentences of the three natural paragraphs of this poem are: 'KangkanvalanxiIt can be seen that the Chinese working people have long realized the toughness and fine material characteristics of sandalwood wood and used it to make vehicles and other production tools and living utensils. Regarding sandalwood, Ming Li Shizhen’s 'Compendium of Materia Medica' records: sandalwood has two species: yellow and white. The leaves are like acacia tree, the skin is green and lustrous, the muscles are fine and smooth, the weight is firm, and the shape is similar to that of Ziyu and pod fans. In fact, in addition to Dalbergia and White Sandalwood, there are also Red Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood and Black Sandalwood. Dalbergia legume, deciduous tree, pinnate compound leaves, 9-11 small leaves, alternate, obovate or oblong. Flowering in summer, butterfly-shaped corolla, yellow, panicle. The pods are oblong, flat and thin. Widely distributed throughout the central and southern parts of our country. The wood is tough and can be used to make vehicles and utensils. White sandalwood is also called 'gray black rosewood'. Symplocaceae. Deciduous tree, slender branches, extending upwards. The leaves are alternate, elliptical, with finely pointed serrations. It blooms in spring, the flowers are white and fragrant, forming a panicle, which is born at the top of new branches. The drupe is oval, bright blue. It is distributed all over China. The wood is dense and can be used as building materials, the seeds can be squeezed for oil, and the root bark and leaves can be used as pesticides. Qingtan is also known as 'YingpuThe leaves are ovate, with three main veins and sharp serrations. Flower in early spring, monoecious, and female flowers are solitary in leaf axils. There are broad wings around the fruit, with slender stalks, and hanging. It is light-loving, drought-resistant and barren, usually born in limestone mountains, widely distributed in North China, East China, South China, Northwest China, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places. The wood is hard and can be used for construction and appliances. Bark is the main raw material for making rice paper. Red sandalwood Red sandalwood is commonly known as 'Redwood' or 'Qinglongmu'. Nowadays, how many people who buy mahogany furniture know that mahogany was originally red sandalwood? Is mahogany furniture easy to buy? Pterocarpus is a large evergreen tree in the legume family. Pinnately compound leaves with 7-9 lobules. Butterfly-shaped corolla, yellow, panicle. The pods are oblate and have broad wings around them. Distributed in the sub-state tropics, it is also cultivated in southern my country. The wood is reddish brown, strong and meticulous, and can be used to make high-quality furniture and musical instruments. Resin or wood shavings and file powder are used as medicine. A few years ago, Mr. Chen Jiewei said in an article introducing red sandalwood that red sandalwood is the king of the tree, and every inch of wood is golden. Who owns red sandalwood furniture can tell not only the wealth of a family, but also the cultural level of the family, and such people must have some unusual origins, indicating that red sandalwood products contain a long national culture, not just anything Anyone can meet and use it. Ms. Chen Lihua, known as the King of Contemporary Red Sandalwood, held the 'Hundred Red Sandalwood Art Treasures Exhibition'. Among them was a large red sandalwood screen imitating the Qing Dynasty Palace, with a net weight of 2700 kg, smooth lines and distinct layers. This is made of Burmese red sandalwood wood, made by Chen The lady personally designed and instructed hundreds of craftsmen to use traditional techniques such as embossing and openwork. It took three years to complete an 'Oriental Art Treasure.' This kind of super-grade hardwood raw material is a treasure of wood. This wood is hard, fine structure, slightly fragrant, dark brown, beautiful and elegant texture, with a magnificent black marble-like pattern. It sinks in water and is stable after drying. It is used to make Ming and Qing furniture It is the best material for tea sets, tea ceremony, arts and crafts, sculptures, high-end musical instruments (pipa, erhu, violin, etc.). Dalbergia is a high-grade mahogany. At present, people are generally compared with chicken wings, ebony, etc., but the difference is that It has not been recognized before. After a period of market test, it has been recognized by people. The price increase trend is very obvious, and the international market is also very tight. Dalbergia odorifera and Banna ebony belong to the same family and one genus, which are distributed in Hainan Island, China It grows in mountainous areas below 600 meters above sea level in the west, southwest and south of China. It is a precious tree species unique to Hainan Island. Its heartwood is extremely resistant to corrosion, smooth cut surface, fine texture, and long-lasting fragrance. It is a valuable furniture and handicraft. The heartwood can be used as medicine and can replace imported Dalbergia; the aroma of distilled oil of its wood is not volatile and can be used as a fixative. There are 120 species of Dalbergia vulgaris in the world, mainly distributed in tropical to subtropical regions There are about 30 species in China, which are distributed in the vast area south of the Huai River. Because of their solid and tough materials, they are a veritable 'hardwood family'.
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