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What are the characteristics of solid wood furniture such as pine, camphor, cypress, etc.

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-25
Oak, Fraxinus mandshurica, walnut, oak, etc. are all commonly used woods. The designer reminds you to choose different woods according to your own needs and combined with the characteristics of the wood. Some small brands in the market have irregular behaviors that are shoddy and fake. It is recommended to choose well-known furniture brands. Adapt to material conditions: pine pine furniture is a common solid wood furniture on the market. Although people often put pine and cypress side by side, the characteristics of pine and cypress are quite different. Pine has the characteristics of pine fragrance, light yellow color, many knots, quick response to atmospheric temperature, easy to swell, and extremely difficult to dry naturally. Therefore, it needs manual treatment, such as drying, degreasing to remove organic compounds, and bleaching to unify the tree color. And tree nature, so that it is not easy to deform. The texture of pine is softer than other woods. Therefore, it is often used to make children's furniture. For example, the children's furniture brand Kale House is made of high-quality Russian pine. The more you use it, the more moist: The biggest feature of teak teak is that it contains extremely heavy oil, which keeps it intact and has a special fragrance. What is even more amazing is that the color of its planed surface is oxidized. The golden yellow color becomes more beautiful with time. Teak wood is often reminiscent of delicious grapefruit, but in fact, teak and grapefruit trees are two different plants. The common names of teak are cochineal, blood tree, hemp chestnut, and Thai pomelo, which belong to the Dicotyledon subclass Lamiforme. Plants of the Lamiaceae family, and grapefruit trees, also known as 'Wendan' and 'LuanTeak has a medium weight, is not easily deformed, is waterproof, and is very resistant to corrosion. The deck of the Titanic (TITANIC) was paved with teak, and it still looks good today; the cathedrals and ancient buildings that are hundreds of years old are also made of teak. Texture vicissitudes: Elm and old boat wood are known as 'Southern Red Sandalwood, Northern Qiaoyu' in the furniture industry. Elm is the crown of North China wood. The wood is extremely tough and does not deform after a hundred years, and it has been polished by time. The color of the furniture will be more warm and moist, with a unique shocking beauty. The old Chuanmu refers to the wood that was originally used for shipbuilding, such as Kundian, ironwood, stone vertebrae, tallow tree, lychee wood and so on. These old woods have been immersed in sea water for decades or even hundreds of years, and the waves have been washed by countless times. They have become tougher and wear-resistant, and they have become waterproof and mothproof. They are completely green and environmentally friendly. It also belongs to waste utilization and can be used indoors and outdoors. Quite textured lines, irregular cuts, and heavy hand feeling, this kind of furniture is simple and natural, unique. Woody fragrance: The pungent formaldehyde smell of camphor and cypress is harmful to health, but the fragrant woody fragrance is refreshing. Many woods used in furniture manufacturing can emit natural odors, and some can also be used as medicines, such as camphor wood and cypress wood. The heart and sapwood of camphor wood are obvious, the wood is shiny, the structure is fine, the grain is staggered, it has the smell of camphor, and it can prevent insects. It is the most ideal material for making suitcases and bookcases. It was used in temple sculptures in ancient times. For cypress furniture, cypress wood is fine, hard texture, water-resistant and corrosion-resistant, knotty in texture, and aromatic. Cypress can be used as medicine, and cypress can soothe the mind and replenish the mind. Cypress is not only one of the excellent materials for furniture, but also used in shipbuilding and construction. Extended reading: camphor wood furniture can repel insects, it is best not to put it in the bedroom
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