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What are the characteristics and advantages of wood wax oil home?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-28
Wood wax oil furniture means that wood wax oil is applied to the surface of solid wood furniture instead of paint or leather. Generally speaking, only solid wood furniture, especially all solid wood furniture, can demonstrate the effect of wood wax oil. Panel furniture does not have the fiber structure of logs, and the effect of wood wax oil is not great. Therefore, the wood wax oil furniture gives people a very real feeling, rather than creating an effect through the appearance of the skin. Characteristics of wood wax oil 1. The main ingredients of wood wax oil: the raw materials are mainly composed of catalpa oil, linseed oil, sesame oil, pine oil, bee wax, plant resin and natural pigments. The pigments used for color mixing are environmentally friendly Organic pigments. Therefore, it does not contain triphenyl, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other toxic ingredients, has no pungent odor, and can replace pure natural wood coatings for paint. 2. The role of wood wax oil: The mixed vegetable oil in wood wax oil can penetrate into the wood due to the length of the carbon chain to form different layers, giving the wood deep moisture and maintenance; vegetable wax can be closely combined with wood fibers to enhance the surface Hardness, water-proof, stain-proof, abrasion and abrasion resistance, this gold combination provides wood with the most excellent maintenance and decoration effects. 3. The use effect of wood wax oil: wood wax oil can completely penetrate into the wood, so it is completely different in appearance from the traditional paint with paint film. The surface has an open texture effect, and different wood materials can bring different real touch feelings. , And can be partially repaired and refurbished without leaving traces. Comparison and difference between wood wax oil and traditional paint 1: Wood wax oil: uses pure natural plant extracts of tung oil, linseed oil, sesame oil, pine oil, castor oil, rosin modified resin, bees wax, etc. and natural pigments as raw materials . Tested by the national authority, it does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and xylene. It is safe and harmless to the healthy growth of people, animals and plants. It is a purely natural, green and environmentally friendly product in the true sense. Traditional paint: It uses petrochemical products as the base material to process synthetic resins. Commonly used are nitro, amino, polyester, alkyd, phenolic, etc., and its auxiliary materials include diluents, driers, curing agents, etc. The use of ethanol, butyl ester, formaldehyde, toluene, acetone and other chemical synthetic raw materials will damage the healthy growth of people, animals and plants to a certain extent, and fail to fully meet the requirements of green environmental protection. Comparison and difference 2: Wood wax oil: can penetrate into the tiny pores on the surface of the wood, so that the wood can breathe naturally, maintain the elasticity of the natural wood, firmly bond with the wood, enhance the hardness of the wood surface, and will not form a paint film on the wood surface, and is not easy to crack. Warping and falling off. Traditional paint: The paint film plays a role in blocking the contact between the surface of the wood and air and moisture. It cannot penetrate into the wood fiber and the wood cannot breathe, so it is easy to crack, warp and fall off. Comparison and difference 3: Wood wax oil: it will not form a paint film on the surface of the wood, and can fully reflect the natural texture and natural and beautiful texture of the wood. Traditional paint: There is a paint film, which conceals the natural and beautiful texture of the wood. Comparison and difference 4: Wood wax oil: the moisture of the wood itself can be emitted, which can reduce the expansion and contraction of the wood, and is suitable for humid environments. Traditional paint: Due to the coating of the paint film, the moisture of the wood itself is difficult to dissipate, so it is easy to swell, crack and warp in a humid environment. Related reading: Does wood wax oil furniture need maintenance? Comparison and difference five: Wood wax oil: adapt to various climatic conditions such as dry, humid, high temperature and low temperature, suitable for the maintenance and decoration of various indoor and outdoor wooden furniture, wooden houses, pavilions, fences and ancient buildings, as well as environmental protection requirements High children's toys, furniture, etc., and have the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and insect-proof. Traditional paint: poor weather resistance, such as outdoor wooden structures, poor durability. Comparison and difference 6: Wood wax oil: strong durability, scrub resistance, and easy to repair and refurbish. Traditional paint: poor durability, not easy to repair and refurbish. Comparison and difference 7: Wood wax oil: The construction process is simple, spraying or manual brushing can be done. It can be applied for 14-16 hours at room temperature, and it can be applied twice at most. It saves man-hours and does not require special professional skills and training. Can be mastered. Traditional paint: The construction process is more complicated and requires professional operation. Generally, primer, color, sanding, and brushing are repeated 5 to 6 times to complete. Comparison and difference 8: Wood wax oil: high coating rate, about 20 square meters per kilogram. For the same area of u200bu200bpainting, the amount of wood wax oil is only one-third of that of traditional paint, and the cost per square meter is about 40% lower than that of high-end paint. Traditional paint: the coating rate is low. About 5 square meters per kilogram, the amount is relatively large, so the cost is higher. Advantages of wood wax oil furniture 1. Vegetable oil is used as a raw material, which is natural and environmentally friendly, healthy and pollution-free. 2. Penetrate into the wood texture, make the surface of the furniture open, maintain the air permeability of the wood, and make the furniture breathable. 3. The surface of the furniture presents the natural texture of wood, which feels real, beautiful and fresh, and has the original ecological atmosphere. 4. Wood wax oil nourishes the wood, the longer the time, the more moisturized it makes the furniture an antique, and it has a collection value. 5. Easy to maintain. Wood wax oil penetrates into the texture of the wood. When the surface of the furniture is bumped and broken, simply break the color to complement it. Refurbished, and light-colored wood wax oil furniture can be changed to dark.
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