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What are the basic components of cabinet furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-27
The basic components of cabinet furniture include: panel, top (bottom), partition (movable and fixed), front frame, rear frame, side panel or side frame (including core frame, glass frame), door (glass frame) Doors, solid wood doors, curved wood doors), drawers (hollowed out, solid surface, fiberboard), decorative strips (front and side), connecting wood (including triangular wood) dust-proof board, hardware. Drawer: Overview 1. From the appearance (material), it is divided into: solid wood surface (including glass surface), board type, curved wood surface. 2. Solid wood extraction surface: a. The entire extraction surface is solid wood, and the material must be in accordance with the requirements of the front column (both sides need to be good). Usually the four-sided vertical axis is in a linear shape or the surrounding is flat and nailed on the line. b. The panel is a solid wood frame with glass in the middle. The structure is composed of upright columns (left and right) and horizontal scales (upper, middle, and lower). The connection between the upright and horizontal scale adopts the method of male and female grooves, wooden dowel cloth, yellow glue and straight nails. c. Five-clip solid wood drawing surface: that is, the front side piece + 0.6mm balance paper + solid wood (the material should be based on actual requirements) + 0.6mm balance paper + the reverse side piece. Usually formed on all sides or flat nailed lines on all sides. 3. MDF boards are usually used for cabinet doors. Cut into small boards to seal PU directly around the edges or seal around the edges. 4. Both sides of the front side of the bent wood extraction panel need to be attached with mooring sheets, and the arc must be consistent with the horizontal scale of the front frame, and the four sides shall be directly cut to length and width. Related reading: What are the process standards for cabinet furniture decorative strips? Basic requirements 1. The drawer is located on the front of the cabinet, and its connection method is that the guide rail and the wooden slide rail are assembled on the front frame and the rear frame. 2. The drawer side panels, back panels, and bottom panels are generally divided into ordinary plywood and Tongwen plywood. Two kinds of plywood empty clamp and pollution are not allowed. 3. The drawer side panel. The general thickness of the second half of the pumping is 12mm, and the bottom of the pumping is 3-5mm. 4. The structure of drawers is generally divided into three types: dovetail tenon (English style), dovetail tenon (French style), finger joint tenon. 5. The wood grain on the front panel of the drawer should be reasonably arranged to ensure that the wood grain of each drawer is horizontally parallel, unless there are special requirements. 6. The drawer should not be shaken and should be pulled smoothly. 7. The gap between the retractable drawer and the front frame and the vertical column must be consistent. 8. The rear baffle of the retractable drawer must be installed so that the drawer can be retracted flush when the drawer is opened and closed, and all drawers have the same requirements. 9. The overall edge of the outer-lid drawer must be straight. 10. The edges of PB board, MDF board or plywood's front-drawing board are required to be sealed, colored or patched and painted to be in harmony with the surrounding color. 11. Retractable drawers must be installed with shading strips, dust-proof plates, sealed bottom plates or similar structures to prevent light from passing through. Unless otherwise requested. 12. When the bottom plate is fixed with only U-shaped nails, the maximum distance between nails is 4. 13. When the bottom plate is only used with hot melt glue, it must be spread evenly with glue, and at least half of the contact between the side and the bottom plate must be covered.
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