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What are the basic components of cabinet furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-27
The basic components of cabinet furniture include: panel, top (bottom), partition (movable and fixed), front frame, rear frame, side panel or side frame (including core frame, glass frame), door (glass frame) Doors, solid wood doors, curved wood doors), drawers (hollowed out, solid surface, fiberboard), decorative strips (front and side), connecting wood (including triangular wood) dust-proof board, hardware. Partition 1. In the cabinet furniture structure, the partition plays a role of isolation and divides it into two spaces. At the same time, it can be divided into two spaces according to different functions: horizontal partitions, vertical partitions, movable partitions, and layer frames (made of solid wood Composition with glass inlaid in the middle). 2. Divided into two types according to different materials: a. Board type, using 15-25mm PB board or MDF board, the thickness of the hot-pressing paste is directly cut to the required specifications, and the board is directly sanded after the edge is sealed. b. Generally, it is a cupboard, a wine cabinet, and a movable shelf. Related reading: What are the basic components of cabinet furniture? 3. There must be 1pc of anti-bending strips on the back of the TV on the horizontal partitions, and 1pc of vertical partitions in the middle to enhance its support strength. 4. When connecting with other parts, the connection method is similar to the top plate. Since the movable partition cannot be fixed, the object supporting it is a pallet pin.
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