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What are the authoritative furniture quality certification standards?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-26
Although the furniture industry cannot be generalized because of some illegal companies' behaviors that harm consumers, but from a responsible point of view, certified companies are at least companies responsible to consumers, although the price may be a bit more expensive (about 10%). But for health and safety considerations, it is more worthwhile. At present, although there are many kinds of certifications for furniture companies, the official quality certifications that really have gold content are limited. As long as you look for the official certification, you can rest assured to buy. Let's take a look at the following, which are officially recognized quality certification marks. Furniture environmental protection certification is more expensive and worth walking into major furniture stores. It is not difficult for a discerning person to see that there are various green certifications and recommendation certificates in the current furniture. Almost all the furniture sold in furniture stores are labeled with different forms of green environmental protection labels. On the other hand, although consumers are very concerned about 'green environmental protection' furniture when choosing furniture brands, most consumers are still 'confused' on the understanding of 'green environmental protectionOf green furniture. Recently, in Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other places, consumer complaints about the environmental protection of furniture have occurred one after another, which fully reflects the urgent need to improve the environmental protection level of my country's furniture industry. In today's increasingly fierce competition in the furniture market, as a furniture manufacturer, if it wants to grow bigger, stronger, and cultivate its own furniture brand, it must conform to the trend of green environmental protection on the basis of existing production, and fully understand furniture manufacturing and The close relationship between environmental protection and human health produces truly green furniture products. Although companies have to pay a portion of the cost for implementing green projects, according to overseas market experts, green furniture can get a higher return on market sales, which is about 10% higher than that of general products. What proof is the furniture that is the real green environmental protection product? According to Zhang Chengzhi, deputy secretary-general and executive director of the Guangdong Furniture Association, in addition to the internationally accepted ISO14000 environmental system certification, the main domestic product environmental certifications include the following three: The first is to pass the 'China Environmental Labeling' by the State Environmental Protection Administration (Ten Ring) certified products. 'China Environmental Labeling' (Ten Rings) certification mark. The certification is based on ISO14024 and the Nordic White Swan mark. It is currently the highest level of environmental product certification in China. The certification targets are mainly the top 30% of the industry. The certification content includes In terms of environmental system and product environmental protection, the products of companies that have obtained this certification can be said to have reached the highest level of environmental protection standards. Under the general trend of international mutual recognition of environmental labels, mutual recognition agreements on environmental labels have been signed in Japan, South Korea, and Australia, and mutual recognition matters are being negotiated with the European Union and the United States. This shows that China's environmental label as a 'green pass' has begun to play an important role in international trade. The second type is a product that has passed the 'CQC Quality Environmental Protection Product' certification by the China Quality Certification Center. 'CQC Quality and Environmental Protection Product' certification mark This certification mainly includes two aspects of quality and environmental protection, and its environmental protection certification standard is based on the ISO14024 part of the standard. The third type is the CTC mark certification (CTC), which is established on the basis of the South China Station of the National Furniture Testing Station. In addition to certification, testing can also be carried out. Of course, in addition to the above certification standards, there are many certifications that also have certain authority, such as foreign gold M certification, etc. For details, please refer to the certification awards column on the website. Net reminds you that no matter what kind of furniture you are buying, you must indicate the material of the product and the conditions of return and exchange when signing the sales contract, and you must properly keep the purchase invoices and other documents for future rights protection.
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