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What are the advantages and disadvantages of chicken wings

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-29
Wenge furniture is named after its internal texture is similar to chicken wings. Common wenge woods include African wenge and Burmese wenge. There is also a small amount of wenge in northern China, which is called iron sword wood. The value of chicken wing wood, Arhat bed, chicken wing wood: The value of chicken wing wood is mainly reflected in two aspects, artistic value and collection value. The artistic value of wenge furniture. Wenge furniture has a span of at least five hundred years, and has been favored by literati in history. The arty of merchants and dignitaries makes it a wood of nobility and many chasers. The early wenge was a rare tree species, it is inferred that there is no big tree. After being given a beautiful crown by the literati, the nature of wenge became very spiritual. Extended reading: Distinguish the collection value of two kinds of wood wenge furniture that are easy to pretend to be wenge. Although the appreciation of wenge is not as good as red sandalwood, Hainan yellow pear, and rosewood, the price of wenge has been rising. For example, six years ago, the price of six-piece wenge wood furniture was about five or six thousand yuan, but nowadays, five-piece furniture of medium material is about ten thousand yuan, and the price of finely made six-piece wenge wood sofa is about 10,000 yuan. More than 60,000 yuan, a ten-fold increase in six years. But there is no perfect thing. Wenge also has advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look below. The advantages of wenge wood furniture: wenge wood furniture has a distinct and unique texture, the quality is very good, and it is absolutely free of insects. The furniture made of wenge wood looks very high-grade, very popular with elegant personnel, and wenge furniture is very artistic, and it can definitely show the owner's taste in the furniture. Disadvantages of wenge furniture: the price of wenge furniture is relatively more expensive. Some wenge furniture has rough wood, and the wood wool is sometimes easy to crack and stubble. Moreover, the carving of wenge furniture is slightly difficult, so there are few complete sets of wenge furniture on the market. How to distinguish chicken wing wood furniture. There are many fake and inferior chicken wing wood on the market. You must learn to recognize it. Real chicken wing wood is not old chicken wing wood and new chicken wing wood. Ming and Qing furniture are all made of old chicken wing wood. The wood color is gray and the texture is not obvious. It can only be qualified for general carving; the new chicken wing wood is generally Qing Dynasty Late-stage furniture has thick fibers, good toughness, not suitable for carving, slightly yellow in color, and clear texture. Generally, you should check the physical properties of wenge furniture when you buy it.
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