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Wenge wood for mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-01
1. What is chicken wing wood? It is also written as '鸂鶒木' and 'Qi Zimu'. The scientific name is Ormosia hosiei, commonly known as black chicken wings and Southeast Asian chicken wings. The wood heartwood has a chicken wing ('V' shape) pattern on the string section. Kind of mahogany. Wenge wood is hard material, white and black. The wood color is yellow and purple, and the texture is like chicken wings. It is very beautiful. Some textures are like fire and overlapped burning, and some are like misty landscapes. Because the texture of wenge is particularly beautiful, it is very popular. At present, the common chicken wing wood in the mahogany furniture market is mainly 'iron knife woodFor diffuse porous wood, growth rings are not obvious. The heartwood is chestnut brown or dark brown, often with black stripes. The tube is visible under the naked eye. There is no fragrance. The structure is relatively coarse, the texture is staggered, and the air-dry density is 0.63g/cm3. It is named after the texture resembles 'chicken wingsWenge wood used in mahogany furniture 2. Origin and classification of Wenge wood 1. Wenge production area Wenge wood, which belongs to the genus Yadou and the genus in the 'National Standard of the People's Republic of China (Redwood)' (referred to as 'Redwood National Standard') According to the 'Redwood National StandardMainly produced in Myanmar, Thailand, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and China's Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Fujian and other places. 2. The classification of wenge wood is divided by material: In the 'Redwood National Standard); (2) Baihuaya peas, that is, Burmese chicken wing wood, originated in Myanmar; (3), Ironsword wood, originated in South Asia and Southeast Asia, China's Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong, and Guangxi. Divided by time: (1) Old chicken wing wood, Ming Dynasty chicken wing wood furniture and some furniture in the early Qing Dynasty all use this kind of chicken wing wood. The old wenge wood is fine in texture, golden-yellow wood, decorated with chestnut brown stripes, the texture is full of changes, like chicken wing feathers; (2), the new wenge wood, from the middle to late Qing dynasty, the old wenge wood is exhausted, the new wenge wood Debut. The texture of the new wenge wood is rough, the wood color is purple and black, the texture is rigid and mixed. Third, the use of chicken wing wood Wenge wood is mainly used for heavy construction, heavy-duty flooring, high-end furniture and decorative materials, pianos, violin, plywood, precision instruments, sliced u200bu200bveneer wood, interior decoration, flooring, joinery, sports equipment, and carving Products, furniture, etc. It is an excellent wood for making furniture during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In addition, chicken wing muzi is red bean, also known as acacia, which can be used as jewelry.
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