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Wardrobe selection knowledge literacy

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-15
With the improvement of living standards, people have a deeper understanding of custom wardrobes. In addition to design, environmental protection has also become a hot topic for consumers to buy wardrobes. If the family’s economic situation is average and needs to be healthy and environmentally friendly, consumers can customize the wardrobe according to the size of the house. At present, the mainstream panels in the wardrobe store are MDF and solid wood particle board. The particle board has better load-bearing ability. If you store a lot of things, it is recommended to choose particle board. ; The MDF is easy to shape, can make many shapes, and is more beautiful. However, how to choose the two types of plates mainly depends on the needs of consumers. Let's take a look at the respective characteristics of the two types of plates with you. Solid wood particle board Solid wood particle board is a scrap made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials. After drying, sizing and special equipment, the surface core layer is criss-crossed and oriented, and then hot pressed (pressure reaches 3000 Pa or above) a kind of man-made board after molding. The expansion coefficient of the solid wood particle board after drying treatment becomes smaller, and it has strong moisture-proof performance. Solid wood particle board is actually a kind of particle board produced by the process of particle board. Uses of solid wood particle board: As a new, high-end environmentally friendly substrate, solid wood particle board is widely used by European and American furniture manufacturers, and the domestic high-end panel furniture market has also begun to use this kind of board on a large scale. Good particle board wood particles are uniform in size, and the gaps in the middle are also very uniform. It can repeat the original hole to eat nails many times, which is a kind of particle board, but the particle board can not be used as a model door, but can only be used as a laminate and a flat door. Environmental protection of solid wood particle board: The density of solid wood particle board is higher, the wood fiber particles in the board are larger, and more of the nature of natural wood is retained. The content of solid wood particle board is generally less than 5% in the use of adhesive, and it is environmentally friendly. During use, toxic formaldehyde gas will be released from the board. In this regard, Chinese families require E1 boards to emit less than 9 mg of formaldehyde per 100 grams of boards before they can be directly used for interior decoration. Extended reading: The trend of furniture materials-solid wood particle board MDF MDF is a kind of density board, which is a man-made board processed by a series of processes from small-diameter logs, harvesting, processing residues and other plant fibers , After breaking, fiber separation, drying, applying urea-formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives, and then hot pressing, a man-made board is made. The density is generally in the range of 0.5-0.8 g/cm3, and the thickness is generally 3-30 mm. Medium-density fiberboard has excellent nail-holding mechanical properties, decorative properties and processing properties. Application of MDF: Because of its excellent performance, it is an effective way for comprehensive and rational utilization of wood. Therefore, MDF is often used in furniture or as wardrobe partitions, and can also be used in modern decorative frameless paintings. The middle frame and middle clip of the painting, frameless painting is used in this way, making life more environmentally friendly. Therefore, MDF has become one of the most promising products. Environmental protection of MDF: Since MDF uses a certain amount of adhesives in its production, it will contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. When buying green products, consumers must see whether they use an adhesive without added formaldehyde. New customized wardrobes are recommended. Use after two weeks of ventilation. Tips: MDF is made of logs and plant fibers, which contains a small amount of adhesive and releases formaldehyde. It can be used after ventilation for a period of time, while solid wood particle board is a board formed from scraps, and the size of the particles inside is different. First, the amount of formaldehyde released by the adhesive varies from sheet to sheet. Industry insiders remind consumers to look for panels that meet environmental protection standards in the wardrobe materials. For low prices, pungent odors, and no formal production approval, consumers must resolutely put an end to such products. In a wardrobe, it is better to use both, the backboard uses MDF, and the laminate uses solid wood particle board. This can take advantage of the good flatness of MDF and make the product shape more beautiful. At the same time, it also uses solid wood. The environmental protection of particle board can maximize the creation of an environmentally friendly living environment.
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