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Wardrobe environmental protection knowledge: 12 manifestations of paint pollution

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-16
12 manifestations of indoor decoration pollution: 1. Feel bored, nauseated, or even dizzy when getting up early in the morning; 2. Family members are often prone to catch colds; 3. Although they do not smoke and rarely touch the smoking environment, they often feel noisy The child is uncomfortable, has a foreign body sensation, and has difficulty breathing; 4. Children in the family often cough, sneeze, and weaken immunity, and children in newly decorated houses are reluctant to go home; 5. Family members often have skin allergies and other problems, and they are grouped 6. The family members share a disease, and after leaving this environment, the symptoms will change and get better; 7. The newlyweds have not been pregnant for a long time, and the cause cannot be found; 8. The pregnant woman finds fetal malformations under normal pregnancy conditions; 9. After a new move or new decoration, indoor plants are not easy to survive, the leaves are easy to turn yellow and wither, especially some plants with the strongest vitality are also difficult to grow normally; 10. After the new move, domestic pet cats, dogs or tropical fish are inexplicably Died, and the neighbor’s house is like this; 11. I felt sore throat when I went to work, the respiratory tract became dry, dizzy after a long time, and I was prone to fatigue. After work, there would be no problem, and other staff in the same building also felt this way; 12. New The rooms of renovated homes and office buildings or newly-purchased furniture have harsh and pungent odors. Home tips for removing paint smell: You can put two basins of salt water indoors, and the paint smell will quickly disappear. If it is the paint smell from wood furniture, you can scrub it with tea water several times, and the paint smell will disappear faster.
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