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Walnut and fake walnut wood for solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-22
Walnut wood is famous in the past, present and future, not only because of its nutritious fruit-it is known as a divine fruit in Iran; it is only because of its beautiful texture, suitable soft and hard materials, good shape retention, and carving. Performance has already made the furniture and flooring industries different in love. It is precisely because of the reputation of walnut wood that the price of walnut wood furniture is only lower than that of mahogany furniture in the market (same craftsmanship, same material level). The walnut, black walnut, and walnut substitute woods introduced in this article are not much different in quality and slightly different. When buying furniture, you can consider all of them. Don't take out the inconsistent 'silver' because of the reputation of walnut. Take advantage of it; just like cabbage and cabbage on the market, they taste the same, so you can buy whichever is affordable. Walnut wood is the most famous furniture material in the world, and one of the best furniture materials. Due to its noble temperament and stable material properties, it has become the first choice for many people in the country for decoration and furniture. Walnut wood is the walnut family (Jualandaceae). ) Wood of the genus Juglans. There are about 15 wood species in the genus Juglans, distributed in South America, North America, Southeastern Europe, and Eastern Asia. In the production of furniture, cabinets, and solid wood flooring, there are two most common types of walnut wood: black walnut (Juglans nigra) and walnut (Juglans regia). Walnut is called Walnut in English. In foreign countries, there are many woods called Walnut, including woods of several families and genera. Among them, some fine woods are famous for being substitutes for walnuts. This article will focus on walnuts and the United States. Black walnut, and briefly introduce the substitutes of walnut commonly used abroad. 1. Authentic walnut (Juglans regia) walnut, also known as walnut in our country, common foreign commercial names are European walnut (European walnut), Royal walnut (Royal walnut), French walnut (French walnut), English walnut, Italian walnut, Ancona walnut, Circassian walnut, Persian walnut, Black Sea walnut ). Usually walnut wood is grayish brown with obvious dark or black streaks. Related reading: Juglans regia, a must-know history for purchasing Shanxi walnut furniture, is widely used in Asia and Europe. In my country, it is mainly cultivated in North, Northwest and Central China. Asia is the birthplace of walnut, and some scholars believe that walnut is native to my country. According to reports, the Greeks brought walnut trees to Italy and transplanted them throughout Europe. In the first century AD, the Romans introduced walnut trees to Britain. Walnut wood is one of the finest furniture materials used in high-end furniture, cabinets, handicrafts and carvings. Like American black walnut, mahogany can be used to make gunstocks, gun handles, and sporting goods. Since the 14th century, walnut wood has been widely used to make furniture, especially in countries in northwestern Europe. One of the reasons for the popularity of walnut wood is its light weight and rich variations in color. The heartwood of walnut wood is usually light yellowish brown to brown, and the color and stripes usually vary with the place of origin. Usually walnut wood is grayish brown with obvious dark or black streaks, and its color will fade over time. Walnut (Juglans regia) has different trade names in different countries. Although the Latin scientific name is Juglans regia, the wood color is different in different regions. For example, English walnut is heavier in walnut. And the darker one, while Ancona walnut (Ancona walnut) Italian walnut wood has the most diverse patterns. Circassian walnut comes from the Caucasus in the Black Sea, so it is also known as Black Sea walnut. The stripes of this walnut are deeper and irregular than other walnuts, so some people think that the most Good walnut burls come from Circassian walnut. Carqarhian walnut (Carqarhian walnut) refers to walnuts from Ukraine, Russia, Czechoslovakia and Germany. The walnut wood has a straight texture and a fine and even structure. Well-grown walnuts have an average height of 20-30m, a diameter of 1m-1.5m, and an average density of about 0.64g/cm3. Straight texture, fine and uniform structure, medium weight, hardness, shrinkage and strength, high impact toughness, high compressive strength, good bending performance, not easy to dry, it is a good engraving material, easy manual and mechanical processing, good adhesiveness , Good screw holding power, good gloss after painting. The sapwood of walnut (China) is light yellowish brown to light chestnut brown, and the heartwood is reddish brown to chestnut brown, sometimes purplish.
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