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Vietnamese goods in the domestic furniture market

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-26
Some domestic mahogany furniture stores have Vietnamese goods in both the south and the north. The Vietnamese goods mentioned here refer to finished furniture produced in Vietnam, not wood. With the increasing demand for mahogany furniture in the Chinese market, some savvy Chinese businessmen began to set up factories in Vietnam, and changed the transportation of raw materials back to the country for finished or semi-finished products. Therefore, many mahogany furniture factories in Vietnam were founded by Chinese, including many Taiwanese. And Vietnam has also gathered many skilled craftsmen from Dongyang, Zhejiang, Zhongshan, Guangdong, Xianyou, Fujian and other places. They are basically sent by Chinese bosses. In Vietnam, they have become the leading workers there. Driven by Chinese bosses and Chinese skilled workers, some Vietnamese business owners have also joined this industry one after another, thus forming a huge industry. But overall, Vietnamese products are generally not as good as domestic products. In summary, there are several problems: 1. The process is relatively rough. Because it is supplied to various distributors, there is no problem with its own brand, so it is not particularly particular about the craftsmanship, and it is just fine. The workers there are also capable. No matter what style you want, just have a photo. You can 'copy' the original furniture according to the photo. In this way, it is generally inseparable, but the subtleties are not reflected, so , The product cannot stand up to detail. Second, use more white skin. In order to make full use of wood. Third, the panel is thin. A normal panel should be about 12 mm, at least not less than 8 mm, but Vietnamese products are often even only 5 mm. This is actually cutting corners. Such a thin panel cannot be installed with a mortise. Fourth, the side groove of the panel is shallow. 5. Use false tenon. The tenon-and-mortise structure is a combination of one male and one female. Many Vietnamese products are double-female but not male, and the middle is inserted with a stick. In short, play tricks in the use of tenon and tenon joints. Sixth, lack of charm. This is the biggest feature of Vietnamese goods.
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