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Veneer mosaic furniture and its technology

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-28
Tracing back to history, the original intention of veneer mosaic craftsmanship is actually due to the limited quality of wood used to make furniture. If you use only the finest wood, the complete solid wood production will make the production cost of the furniture very expensive. Therefore, the smart craftsmen came up with the wood into thin slices, patchwork, and inlays. This makes the process more difficult, of course. However, we can use limited resources to complete more furniture productions, and because of this, we can have the honor to appreciate so many beautiful parquet furniture today. This is also an unexpected harvest that 'scarcity' brings to artisans. ! In addition, there are many furniture surfaces that use the veneer process, and the same veneer is divided into 2 pieces, 4 pieces or more multiples and then inlaid and collaged, so that the wood grain of the furniture reaches a high degree of symmetry. Different furniture manufacturers have different uses of this craft: for example, ColomboMobili's golden palace style, its furniture 'parquet mosaic' is more painterly, drawn from various major historical periods in Britain, France and Italy (Roman Empire, Adams, etc.) Etc.), inheriting and drawing on various types of classical furniture, trying to reproduce the history, its 'parquet mosaic' is a good combination of various materials, showing the spirit of classicism. Beautiful and noble veneer mosaics. Today, there is no shortage of materials for making furniture. People pay more attention to the value of the craftsmanship of 'paste mosaics'-the exquisite degree of ancient mosaic furniture in this craft is Unmatched by modern furniture: a piece of exquisite mosaic furniture surface may use hundreds of different wood flakes, but at a glance, it not only connects nature, but also selects the materials carefully. It can also be done in a pattern. The effect of color gradient and the feeling of shadow rendering are like a natural picture. Only when the angle of view is 30°, the traces of mosaic can be vaguely seen. Extended reading: Tips on veneer parquet furniture. The craftsmanship of wood parquet: craftsmen first use a pencil to outline the pattern on the surface of the furniture, and then separate individual closed shapes into paper patterns, such as shell patterns, palm leaves, and wood gods. And the child's head pattern, etc. Then choose a different wood for each pattern, and then cut the wood according to the edge of the pattern. At the same time, another group of craftsmen carved grooves on the surface of the furniture according to the design patterns. A closed shape is equipped with a groove. After thousands of wood chips are made, the wood chips and grooves are perfectly inlaid. The clear division of labor ensures that every component and detail gets the most professional artistic treatment. Of course, due to the different shapes of the wood, no matter how wonderful the craftsmanship is, it cannot guarantee that they are 100% tight. Therefore, after the wood chip inlaid process, the craftsmen also need to repair glue (fill the small gap between the wood chip and the wood chip) and polish ( Make the whole surface smooth and flat), and finally apply a transparent varnish to make the texture of the wood chips naturally revealed, thus showing the perfection of the entire 'parquet mosaic' process.
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