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Use and maintenance of teak furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-28
Teak, known as the 'King of Ten Thousand WoodsThe teak furniture is favored for its resistance to deformation, water resistance and corrosion resistance. Many people who choose teak furniture are deeply attracted and recognized by teak's 'resolute' personality. However, we should not neglect the maintenance of teak furniture because of its good character. Prevent stains from infiltrating 1. Waxing Before waxing, make sure the surface is clean. Next, apply wax on the surface of the wood, wipe it along the direction of the wood grain, and then dry it for 15 minutes. You can repeat the above process to get the best results. In order to ensure that the surface is always intact, it is best to re-wax every 3-4 months. 2. The treatment of water-based paint is permanent, and it is very suitable for furniture that is easily contaminated with oil, grease and fat. However, this treatment method may cause the furniture to be slightly darker. If the furniture has scratches or stains in future use, you can use fine sandpaper (at least 320 grit) for partial treatment. Only need to repair the original coating of the affected part and re-apply the surface protection treatment. Prevention of damp Wooden furniture should not be placed in a very humid place, even if it is corrosion-resistant teak, you should pay attention to it, so as to prevent the wood from swelling when wet, and it will rot easily over a long period of time, and the drawer will not be opened. Prevent dust. Generally, high-end log furniture made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, etc. have exquisite carved decorations. If you can’t clean and remove ash regularly, it is easy to accumulate dust in small gaps and affect the appearance. At the same time, dust makes wood more. The furniture quickly 'gets old' as a killer. Keep moisturizing wooden furniture cannot be provided by moisture, that is to say, it cannot be simply wiped with a damp cloth. Instead, a professional paste-like transparent furniture maintenance wax should be used to lock the moisture in the wood and prevent the wood from cracking and deforming. At the same time, it nourishes the wood, regaining its brilliance from the inside to the outside, and prolongs the service life of the furniture. Extended reading: How about teak furniture of solid wood furniture? Avoid direct sunlight for a long time and the already dry climate, the wood is too dry, it is prone to cracks and partial fading. Avoid hard objects from scratching. Do not let the cleaning tools touch the furniture during cleaning. At ordinary times, also pay attention not to let hard metal products or other sharp objects collide with the furniture to protect the surface from hard marks and hanging wires. Regular cleaning, maintenance and cleaning 1. Dip a sponge in dish soap. As time goes by, the wood will absorb more and more soap, so it is more able to prevent stains and stains. Remember to wipe along the direction of the wood grain, do not use a scouring pad, otherwise it may leave scratches on the wood board. 2. There are ready-made dirt-absorbing powders for sale in DIY stores. It can remove oil, grease and fat stains. Use fine sandpaper (at least 320 grit) to grind away the residue, and polish with glass to make the furniture shiny. Be sure to sand and polish along the direction of the wood grain. Maintenance: Under normal circumstances, it is enough to wax only once a quarter, so that the furniture looks shiny and the surface will not absorb dust, making it easier to clean. Although teak furniture is waterproof, corrosion-resistant and not easily deformed, it should be used carefully and maintained regularly during daily use, treating it as a living thing.
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