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Upstarts in the woods: Daye Huanghuali

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-31
In recent years, a kind of imported wood similar to huanghuali, 'DayehuanghualiRegrettably, the authoritative organization has been unable to provide the final material appraisal results due to the inability to find a comparison sample, so that it can only be released under the common name of 'big leaf yellow pear'. Recently, experts from the Timber Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry finally gave the final appraisal results, making this unsolved case that lasted for several years finally settled. Daye Huanghua pear is called Daye Huanghua pear because of its similar wood grain to Hainan Huanghua pear. It seems that Daye Huanghua pear is stained with the light of Hainan Huanghua pear. The so-called 'climbing dragon with phoenix' is the same as pretending to be mahogany. In fact, this is not the case. Although the hardwood of Dayehuanghuali is not a mahogany, its material is quite high-quality. Dayehuanghuali Dayehuanghuali, scientific name: Streblussp.; Common names: Dayehuanghuali, Jinxinghuanghuali, Indonesian Huanghuali, Golden Huanghuali; Indonesian name: Mabiwasa in Indonesian meaning 'more than iron Hard wood'. It is mainly produced in Kalimantan and other regions of Indonesia, and is distributed in the Indochina Peninsula and Malay Islands. The growth environment has a large temperature deviation and a changeable climate, which is associated with gold and copper ore veins. The woody characteristics of Dayehuanghuali have a longer trunk and higher wood utilization. The material is heavy, the density is high, the drying shrinkage is very small, the tree wood dries slightly faster, and the air-drying of the 40mm thick board takes about 3.5 months; the wood drying performance is good, and there are few defects. The wood is firm and delicate, with oily texture, and oily luster. Wood sawing and planing are difficult, but the planed surface is smooth and can be highly polished; it is easy to split when nailing, so pre-drill holes should be drilled before nailing. Good corrosion resistance, resistance to fungi and termites, so it is suitable for heavy structures that require high strength and durability, such as bridges, docks, parquet floors, heavy-duty floors, tool handles, sleepers, telephone poles, etc., and can also be used as high-end furniture Use materials. The texture is gorgeous and interlaced, with gold threads inside. Each plant has a unique and gorgeous pattern. On the luster and luster of the wood, it presents a natural and magical workmanship. The wood grain contains clear and vivid 'ghost face' patterns, or deep dark brown, or presents mysterious Purple ochre, the shape is like running clouds and flowing water, and the ancient charm is looming, showing the unique charm of fascinating people. With a slight woody fragrance. Development prospects of Dayehuanghuali According to the inspection by the timber appraisal agency, many indicators of Dayehuanghuali have reached the mahogany standard, and some indicators are even better than the mahogany standard. This material is golden in color, beautiful in patterns, and strange faces. Experts in the industry generally believe that , Dayehuanghuali is a high-quality material, especially for Ming-style furniture. It is noble and bright. After polishing, the effect is better. The density, hardness and oiliness are much better than the wood in the national standard of 'Redwood'. It is known as the best Ming-style furniture. Good carrier is a rare and precious material for the design and manufacture of classical furniture. Related reading: Huanghuali's new 'brother'? Although the price of red sandalwood has soared to 370,000 yuan per ton, compared with Hainan huanghua pears of 30 million yuan per ton and Vietnamese huanghua pears of 5 million to 8 million yuan per ton, it can be described as With good quality and low price, as a substitute for sea yellow and Yuehuang, the future prospects of Dayehuanghuali are indeed limitless. Moreover, Dayehuanghuali can not only reduce the consumption pressure of mahogany furniture enthusiasts, but also enrich the types of materials used in traditional furniture manufacturing, avoiding the ecological pressure caused by the large-scale logging of single mahogany furniture materials, and is conducive to promoting traditional Chinese furniture. With the continuous development of the industrial economy, it may become one of the most popular raw materials for the traditional Chinese furniture industry in the next historical period.
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