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Unpretentious Suzuo Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-27
Suzuo furniture refers to mahogany furniture made in areas centered on the south of the Yangtze River such as Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changshu. Its shape is simple and elegant, with beautiful lines and reasonable dimensions, and it has absorbed the style of Song Dynasty furniture in its design. The main materials are huanghuali, red sandalwood, ironwood, wenge wood and other woods. Suzuo's furniture has smooth lines, moderate proportions, and gracefulness. Whether it is placed in pavilions in Jiangnan gardens or in ordinary residents' homes, it looks very coordinated. The decoration part reflects the characteristics of simplicity and unpretentiousness. The style is like the arrogance hidden in the literati scholar Han Su. Suzuo furniture has a long history and rich cultural traditions. It has unique uniqueness in the shape, decoration, craftsmanship and other aspects of furniture. Suzuo furniture has excellent craftsmanship, and the main decoration methods include carving, inlay, and painting decoration. The carvings of Suzuo furniture are heavy and supernatural, with rounded swordsmanship, delicate and vivid. The two most commonly used techniques are bas-relief and open-carving. The engraving mantra 'sculpting must be vigorous, distinct, smooth and smooth, and edges and corners must be clearAnd it has to be likeness and vividness. Due to geographical conditions, the sources of hard wood in southern Jiangsu were far less abundant than those in Guangzhou and Beijing in the Ming Dynasty. They were mainly transported by sea channels. These materials were hard-won, so the Supai craftsmen made furniture. Above, with careful calculation of materials, Su Zuo furniture can be said to have achieved the realm of 'cherishing wood like gold'. In the absence of wood, the craftsmen used their brains to create many craftsmanship methods. For example, the inlay process is to use miscellaneous wood as the framework and paste hardwood veneer on it. The pasting technology is very superb, and the edges and corners are not flawed. 'Five doors off' is the jargon of Su Zuo craftsmen's praise for the exquisite furniture making. For example, a chair or a stool. After finishing the work, move the same few on the ground in sequence. The size of the footprints and the distance between the legs are not different. This situation where the size is the same and only the footprints are the same is called 'Five Doors'. In the case of non-mechanized production, it is really valuable. Related reading: The legendary Suzuo furniture at Guangzhou Port in the Qing Dynasty has to be elegant in shape and material-saving, so that the furniture has a handsome style. In history, those Soviet-style craftsmen used wood carefully like magicians and applied them cleverly. Even small pieces of wood came in handy. Whether it is a large or small piece of equipment, they are all carefully considered to maintain their beauty. , So that it is seamless, and its almost extraordinary craftsmanship is breathtaking. The humanistic scenery such as the small bridges and flowing water in the south of the Yangtze River has created an elegant and euphemistic style in culture and art, which is inevitably reflected in the aesthetics and style of furniture. Therefore, due to the lack of wood resources and historical and cultural factors, Suzuo furniture has formed the characteristics of lightness and handsomeness in the shape of the furniture. For example, if the chair is also a great teacher, Guangzuo is big, majestic and full of sculptures; while Suzuo is light, simple and elegant. The decorative design of Suzuo Furniture is one of the highlights of Suzuo Furniture. Reasonable decoration has become the unique finishing touch of Suzuo furniture, and precision production is indispensable in Suzuo furniture. And the decorative themes are very wide. For animals, they like to use grass dragons. For plants, there are Ganoderma lucidum, Tangzhilian, bamboo stalks, sesame stalks, etc. Other patterns also have distinctive square and ancient patterns, etc., and there are also common Jomon patterns. , Gongbi, Ruyi, Fish Grass, Assorted, etc.
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