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Understanding of solid wood furniture and misunderstandings in shopping guide

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-21
In the process of purchasing solid wood furniture, if consumers lack knowledge and experience, they may be deceived by some unscrupulous merchants and sell solid wood veneer furniture or even board-wood combined furniture as solid wood furniture. A big loss, the use effect was discounted. Then, take you through the understanding of solid wood furniture, and then understand some common shopping guide misunderstandings. First of all, solid wood furniture means that the main body of the furniture is all made of natural wood, with only a small amount of plywood and other auxiliary materials. Solid wood furniture generally has a mortise structure, that is, a fixed structure. So what is the main body of furniture? The door and side panels of the cabinet, the panel, side panels, and feet of the table, and the backrest, side panels, and feet of the bed are the main body of the furniture. But things like the bottom of some cabinets and drawers are not the main body. Extended reading: Eleven points of solid wood furniture purchase guide. Some shopping guide misunderstandings of solid wood furniture: 1. Some furniture that is partially solid wood is called solid wood furniture. For example, although the mermaid is like a person, it cannot be called a person. The door panels of some furniture are all solid wood, but the side panels are not, but the sales are collectively referred to as solid wood. In fact, this type of furniture should be divided between panel and solid wood furniture, and should be called Semi-solid wood furniture is more appropriate. Generally, the common sales technique is: tell you that the blockboard is under the panel, and then say that the blockboard is solid wood, and then call this kind of furniture solid wood furniture. Once consumers are not paying attention, they will be blinded. Just like you can’t call flour as rice, blockboard is plywood and does not belong to the category of solid wood, although it is made of solid wood. 2. The veneer veneer furniture is called solid wood furniture. The definition of solid wood furniture is natural wood. As long as there is furniture that has been artificially synthesized in the main body of the furniture, it is not solid wood furniture. Its solid wood veneer furniture should belong to panel furniture. 3. Some specially treated paper veneer furniture are called solid wood furniture. The surface of some paper veneer furniture is almost exactly the same as that of solid wood furniture, especially some classic brands in Wenzhou, which are almost invisible to furniture experts. Veneer furniture just has a layer of solid wood on the outside. For details, please refer to: Hand knocking and nose smell to distinguish whether it is 'covered'. Extended reading: The difference between solid wood, solid wood veneer and sticker furniture. The above are a few simple sales traps. There are many specific tricks. Please remind you to buy At the time, attention should be paid to the label of the product and the signing of the furniture contract.
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