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U.S. High Point International Furniture Fair

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-25
The United States High Point International Furniture Fair is one of the three famous international furniture fairs in the world, which is juxtaposed with the Milan International Furniture Fair in Italy and the Cologne International Furniture Fair in Germany. Originated from the first Southern American Furniture Fair held in 1909. The exhibition has been held twice a year since 1913, and since 1989, the exhibition has been renamed the International Home Decoration Expo. The main venue of the High Point Furniture Expo is the International Home Decoration Center. In April and October in the spring and autumn seasons of each year, the city of High Point in North Carolina in the United States has become an interior designer from all over the world, especially The place where professionals in the furniture industry gather, the biannual High Point International Furniture Fair is held here. One of the features of Gaodian International Furniture Fair is its complete variety. From furniture, lamps, carpets, wallpaper, flooring, ornaments to all kinds of garden sketches, there are no surprises. High Point Furniture Fair is an industry fair, only open to industry insiders. If you want to visit the expo, you must prove that the visitors are representatives of manufacturers, industry association members, architects, designers, retailers and other professionals, and can enter the exhibition hall only after obtaining a pass. Designers are not allowed to bring their own owners to visit. Such regulations are said to protect the interests of exhibitors and buyers. Gaodian City is not only an exhibition center, but also a home design center. Many manufacturers have set up their own design departments in Gaodian City. On the one hand, it is conducive to understanding the trend of design, and it is also conducive to show their latest designs. Even Italy, the furniture kingdom, has set up an Italian design center in Gaodian City. Its building was designed by the famous Italian architect Bellini, which resembles a huge cruise ship. North Carolina, where High Point City is located, is the furniture industry base of the United States, and the academic activities of interior design professionals here are also more active. The two major designer industry organizations, the American Association of Interior Designers and the International Association of Interior Designers, both have regular academic activities. The latter holds an academic salon every two months, inviting relevant experts to give academic reports and conduct academic activities. comminicate.
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